About us

About us

What is Arefin Masuk?
Arefin Masuk is a website about software, apps, games, web tools review and some other stuff. We share the articales or reviews that help someone in knowing something unknown in Bangla. Our speciality is we share all the posts in Bangla so that Bangla speaking people can easily understand us. Basically we cover articles about software review. And all that reviews help someone to grow in their life and achieve their valuable software they need.

Our mission

Our mission is to sole problem of the Bangladeshi People  who want to know something fully but he/she don’t know English welly as most of the content of the web is written in English. So we are working hard to write and make available all the contents availabe for those people.

About author

Hi I am Arefin Masuk from Bangladesh.

I am a blogger, youtuber since 2019. During this long period I have worked on different content. Among them when I started Bangla content. People value my content. That inspire me a lot. So I decided to create a brand new website to help those people and created this website. Moreover, I have a youtube channel named Arefin Masuk – The Legend where I talk about different software,web and mobile related problems and solution. So if you want to learn about those things then subscribe to my channel. I am giving the social media links below.

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Arefin Masuk

And if you want to contact with me for any kind of inquiry mail me to [email protected]

Thank you.

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