How do I get my first 100 YouTube Subscribers in 48 hours?

Are you new to YouTube & thinking about how to get your first 100 Youtube Subscribers? Then you are in the right place. Today I will share my experience about getting my first 100 subscribers on youtube within 48 hours. If you are thinking that my fate is good enough as I get the 100 subscribers within 48 hours? Then the answer is a “BIG BIG NO”. But why? To know why to stay with me until the end.

In 2019 I started my first YouTube channel. At that time I have no idea what is YouTube used for. Even I don’t have any idea that even I can earn Money from YouTube. And I was also unable to find out in which niche I should work.  In the first video of my youtube channel, I make a tutorial on How to Download Youtube Video in MP3 format. After waiting for a few hours I got the first 10-15 viewers of my channel but 0 subscribers. At that time It was so frustrating to me.

Okay after creating the first video on my YouTube channel I started subscribing to the channel from my relative's account. And within a very short time, I reached the first 15 subscribers of my channel. As I have social media accounts I started sharing videos on my Social media and in this way I hardly make 60 subscribers. But none of them have ever watched my video. They have just subscribed and then gone. Then what should I do with these subscribers? 

In the first month, I uploaded around 5 videos and got 10-15 organic viewers in my first video and the other videos have 0 views. As my channel has many subscribers and none of them are watching my video youtube algorithm stopped promoting my videos. As there were no views I also stopped making videos. I started much research on Youtube algorithms. Then I find some efficient ways to increase my channel condition. It takes around 2 years to do the research. Now I will share some key points of my research.

1. Interact with your audience and make friends 

Your viewers are more likely to want to keep watching your work if you build relationships with them. Respond to their comments. Similarly, follow their channels.

If a well-known YouTuber comments on your video, it's exciting, but who knows who will be famous next year?

2. Create effective channel branding

Every person who clicks on your channel is greeted by your YouTube banner. They might have just watched a video and wanted more. They may be your potential subscribers.

Your banner needs to be appealing, on-brand, clean, and optimized for all devices—this is the hard part. For instance, you don't want your social media buttons to obscure important information.

3. Add a custom channel trailer

The customization settings on YouTube allow you to maximize the featured video space at the top of your channel page. You have the option of showing one video to existing subscribers and another to non-subscribed viewers.

4. Brand your video thumbnails

A thumbnail is a 1280 x 720px still image that serves as the video's cover. Consider it a miniature movie poster. It's your first and best chance to entice someone to watch your video. (Except for your video titles, but more on that later.)

We're not talking about getting YouTube views today (that's a separate post), so why bring it up here? Because consistent, professional custom thumbnails are an important part of channel branding. They can help new viewers learn more about you as a video content creator.

5. Use YouTube’s clickable subscription tools in your videos

Before YouTube's algorithm moves viewers on to the next video, you can prompt them to subscribe with this still picture at the end of your video. As long as the movie is longer than 25 seconds, you can add an end screen during the upload process. 

To start converting subscribers from your existing content straight away, you can also go back and add end screens to previous videos.  Select the film you wish to add an end screen to from the left-hand menu of Creator Studio by clicking Content, then click Add End Screen. On the right, click the End screen box.

6. Release videos on a consistent schedule

When asked how frequently artists should upload videos to their channels, many experts confidently suggest a general guideline. As your channel expands, you might start with one video per week and work your way up to three or four.  The idea is that more videos will result in viewers watching them for longer. However, favoring quantity over quality has disadvantages. 

You should prioritize quality over consistency if your goal is to turn viewers into subscribers. (After that, you can begin to worry about quantity.)  People are more inclined to touch the subscribe button if you constantly submit high-quality content.

After following those steps my Youtube subscription came to around 300 subscribers. Then for some reason, I again stopped working and start another research on Youtube. From my netxt blogs you will know the other things I got from my next research. Subscribe to my blog.

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