Why should I register on IMDb? What is IMDb?

What is IMDb?

Launched online in 1990 and a subsidiary of Amazon.com since 1998, IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content, helping fans explore the world of movies and shows and decide what to watch. Designed to

Our searchable database includes millions of movies, TV and entertainment shows and cast and crew members

IMDb can help you:

Trigger your memories of a movie, show, or person on the tip of your tongue
Find the best movies or shows to watch next
Empowers you to share your entertainment knowledge and opinions with the world's largest fan community
For fans to decide what to watch and where to watch it, we offer local movie showtimes, ticketing, trailers, critic and user reviews, personalized recommendations, photo galleries, entertainment news, quotes, trivia, box-office data, editorial features sections and a . PUBLIC WATCHLISTS _ To learn more about watching trailers, clips, features and IMDb originals, please visit the IMDb Video FAQs.

IMDb produces new original video content every week including:

IMDb show
IMD Brief
Casting call
and other interviews and daily topical videos
You can find new videos highlighted daily on the IMDb homepage on your desktop computer or through the IMDb app.

Why should I register on IMDb?

Registering on IMDb opens up the ability to enjoy the following features:

Get personalized recommendations and discover new movies and shows you love

Create your watchlist to track what you want to see and get notified when movies open in theaters.

 Rate all the movies and shows you watch to improve your recommendations.

 Share a review of your favorite movies and shows with the world's biggest entertainment fans

Add data to IMDb that will be seen by millions and get cool badges.

 Create and share lists of titles, names, images and videos.

Vote in thousands of polls.

 Personalize your IMDb experience with title language and local rating credentials.

 Check-in as soon as you see the title.

You can easily create an IMDb account through the IMDb registration page using your email address or your Amazon, Google, or Apple account.

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