I never received my registration email. How do I login?

When you register for IMDb, you must enter a valid, active email address. Our automated server will then send a one-time password (OTP) email verification to your email address to help activate your IMDb registration. This step ensures that a valid email address is provided and to verify that the person registering for IMDb is the actual owner of that email address.

If you don't receive your activation email right away, here are some tips:

Be patient : Although most activation emails are sent and delivered immediately, delays can occur. Allow up to two hours to receive the registration email.
Double check your email address: The activation link has been sent to the email address you provided. If you type your address incorrectly, our activation email will never reach you.
Check your anti-spam filter : If you or your email provider has activated some kind of anti-spam filter to reject junk mail, our activation mail may be blocked as a result. If you use programs such as Spamcop or SpamArrest, which stop delivering incoming email unless the sender manually clicks on the link provided in the auto-reply, our activation link may be disabled. Email services provide 'junk mail' filters that can filter incoming mail. Please check that the activation email is not being rejected by one of these filters Most of these utilities include a feature for recovering emails that have been mistakenly discarded.

Please make sure you explicitly allow incoming messages from email:

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