6 Best Freelance Websites That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is gaining traction with some world governments and many places accepting it as a legal currency for processing daily transactions. It was only a matter of time before online gigs started paying in cryptocurrency.



Blockchain's decentralized technology makes it easy to organize, manage and pay freelancers with digital work contracts. While the gig economy has yet to significantly switch to cryptocurrency payments, a few legitimate freelance gig portals online are driving this adoption. Here's a look at some of these portals and how they work.

1. LaborX

Founded by Australian blockchain firm Chrono.tech, LaborX is a global online marketplace hosting freelance jobs, short-term gigs and permanent job opportunities that offer payment in cryptocurrency. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, clients and freelancers can enter into smart contract agreements to ensure smooth payments and job security.

As a freelancer or employer you need to sign up with an email. The platform is free to use, with a 5% per gig fee for freelancers and 1% per gig fee for subscribers. Gigs are sorted into categories such as Admin, Legal, Translation etc.

Premium membership offers many benefits, but it's not as simple as swiping a card. TimeWarp smart contract requires you to lock the TIME token. This requires you to visit the pool, choose your underlying blockchain, etc. The idea is to increase crypto adoption, provide a channel for freelancers to work securely online, and increase the use of Chrono.tech.

2. Ethlance

The portal is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with source files on the fast and secure Decentralized Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Payments are made in Ether. It is part of the District0x network that supports decentralized apps (DApps) for free.

Ethlance does not charge a commission and is free for freelancers and subscribers. You can post unlimited gigs, apply to numerous jobs and create multiple profiles based on different categories. However, you will pay an Ethereum gas fee—a few cents, every time you make a change to the Ethlance database. Learn how to reduce Ethereum gas fees to save a few coins.

Ethlance does not provide escrow protection or dispute resolution in the event of non-delivery or non-payment.

You need to install the MetaMask Chrome extension, which acts as a gateway to access this DApp and make changes to the network. You need to be registered with one of the global cryptocurrency exchanges to make payments.

3. CoinGigs

CoinGigs works as a regular freelance gig portal that allows users to signup, post jobs, search and apply for gigs, and create freelancer profiles. It provides users with escrow protection to ensure safe transfer of work and money. The only difference is that freelancers are paid in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, providing unlimited payment transactions.

Originally designed to help Venezuelan workers earn money online, known as Venezuela Workers, it was opened to a global audience in early 2021. This is the easiest way to earn bitcoins online and it requires no sign up and no knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency. Currency exchange portal.

The portal is free to use and charges 8% commission per gig. You can find gigs under various categories like Lifestyle, Music & Audio, Video & Animation, etc., besides regular programming and tech, and writing and translation jobs.

4. Purse.io

Purse is an online shopping and discount savings portal that works in conjunction with Amazon. This is a special shopping gig portal that helps you earn money by finding deep discount deals on Amazon It brings together Amazon gift card collectors or crypto earners and shoppers to save their purchases.

You need to buy orders on Amazon using your gift card in exchange for some bitcoins or bitcoin cash. Amazon customers with cryptocurrency can place an order on Amazon with a custom discount price. These orders are updated on the purse portal. Purse earners can pick up one of these orders and pay with their gift card.

Purse will track this transaction until order delivery and credit the payer with bitcoins or bitcoin cash equivalents. You can be both Amazon order fulfillment buyer and user to earn some easy bitcoins.

5. Cryptogigs

Cryptogigs is a simple portal that lists all job offers and service posts on the same page You must sign up on the portal to send messages to other users. It does not limit you to any single cryptocurrency a Because you can earn on top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more.

The platform is still in its early stages, and there isn't much to it beyond creating your job or service offer, publishing it on the website, and chatting with potential clients or freelancers. Besides bringing two parties together, it doesn't offer much in terms of payment protection, dispute resolution or secure transactions.

You are responsible for ensuring that you receive payment as payment is not processed on the Platform. It is looking to develop wallet services, but does not currently offer any

6. Coinbase Earn

Formerly known as Earn, this is another specialized freelance cryptocurrency earning portal. It allows users to earn different crypto coins based on their learning curve.

You have to watch videos and tutorials about different cryptocurrencies and how they work, then take quizzes that test your knowledge. The more you learn, the more you earn. A small amount of the cryptocurrency you learn about is deposited into your Coinbase wallet based on your quiz score.

Unlike other portals, Coinbase Earn has a limited number of opportunities to earn cryptocurrency. You can only take each quiz once, and payouts vary for different coins. You need to know how to use Coinbase and maintain a wallet for payments.

All aboard the crypto train
As the gig economy expands, digital smart contracts will pave the way for secure payments and seamless transactions. If you're still not sure about dipping your toes into the crypto gravy, you can start by learning more about blockchain technology and how it works.

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