5 Steps to keep your Facebook Account Safe from Hackers in 2022

Hello everyone, you have a Facebook Reading this article that means you have an account. In this modern age whatever we do we share them on Facebook. From there our friends can see how we are going. But we have to remember that everything has a bad side. One of the bad sides of Facebook is account hacking. In this blog I will share with you how to keep your Facebook account safe.

Choosing email address

In the case of choosing an address , most people fail. Suppose your email name is din islam. You should not choose [email protected]

You should think differently. So that hacker cannot imagine what your email address would be. And remind that the email address you are using to create your account you should not share with anyone. You should keep the mail address private. If you can do so, the hacker will never find your account.

Selecting Password

The second step of keeping your account safe is selecting a password. If your password once gets revealed you cannot do anything. You have to select a strong password which cannot be guessed by the hacker. Many people use password managers. I suggest not to Use password managers for Google and Facebook accounts. Because sometimes hackers enter your network and get these passwords from your password manager. So I recommend not to use password managers for Facebook and Google. And you shouldn't use the same password for two different accounts. Use different and unique password for your account. To make password unique you should your use capital letter, small letter, symbol and number. For extra protection you should change your password after every two months.

Two step verification

There are two types of two step verification. SMS verification and to call verification. You can choose any one two step verification if you use these. anyone somehow knows your password he/she needs the code to enter in your account. I recommend you all to use this two step verification service. Actually Facebook is working hard to make their security strict. As a result we can use two step verification for free.

App authenticator

Actually app authenticator is not a different thing. App authentication is also a part of two step verification. How to use it? No problem. I am discussing how to use app authenticators on Facebook. To use app authenticators you need two devices: one computer and one handset. At first I you recommend In your mobile have to install an app authenticator. I suggest you use Google authenticator or Microsoft authenticator. Install any of these from Play store or App store. Then enter the app app and in another computer enter the setting of your Facebook account. Then gо to the Security section and then the two step verification section. Then a drop down menu will appear. From the drop select app authenticator. Then a QR code will be shown on the computer. In your phone in the authenticator app you will see a plus option. Press on it and scan the QR code Then you will see code in your authenticator app impot it in your computer and press verify. All are set. Now whenever you try to enter your account you give the code given by the authenticator app. You will be surprised to hear that this code is refreshed every 30 seconds. That's cool.

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