WhatsApp voice messaging comes with new features (Android)


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Many people prefer WhatsApp over Facebook Messenger, Emo or other messaging services. And that's why more than 200 million people worldwide are using WhatsApp. Users of this app have more than 160 regions or across the country.

However, many technology analysts have called the development of the app, which is owned by Meta, a bit slow - yet WhatsApp is still far ahead of competing services.

Lately, communication through apps is not limited to text chats or audio-video calls. Media sharing or sending voice notes is also a popular feature for many. There are many users who do not feel comfortable writing about time.

Calling directly again makes it difficult for them to match the schedule, because in this case both parties have to talk and listen at the same time. That is why voice messages have become so popular. This allows everyone to conveniently send voice messages which helps in exchanging more information in less time.

Android is also an important platform for WhatsApp as the number of Android users is high all over the world. But WhatsApp's Android app has not had an important feature for voice messaging so far. That is, the advantage of pausing while recording a voice message.

You may not remember something while recording voice notes. Or someone in the middle of recording the message asked you something that you have to answer.

Or you have a severe sneeze! What would you do in such a situation? If you stop recording, you will either have to send that incomplete message, or delete that partially recorded message and re-record the whole thing in a new way.

But it will take a lot of time, and who knows, you might have to stop at something else again! The only solution to this problem is to pause while recording. 

This means that if you want to temporarily stop recording during the recording, do something else and then start recording the rest. This will not delete your previously recorded voice notes. Instead, you can take a break and record voice messages over time. So far this feature has been available for WhatsApp's iPhone and desktop. But not on Android.

But the good news for Android users is that WhatsApp has already experimented with the ability to pause or pause voice note recordings for you. As a result, it is hoped that in the near future you will be able to send voice messages to anyone on WhatsApp by simply recording voice notes with breaks.

If you are using WhatsApp Beta then maybe your account has got the feature to pause and resume voice note recording.

However, since it is still being tested, the feature is expected to appear in the accounts of selected users. So there is no reason to be upset if this feature is not yet available in your WhatsApp app. Wait a while. 

Screenshot: WABetaInfo

Hopefully Meta will complete the experiment as soon as possible and introduce the facility to take a break in the middle of the voice note record for everyone. Don't forget to keep your WhatsApp app updated to get the quick feature!


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