What to do to avoid fraud in Bkash

We often hear about bKash account fraud. Although we make our customers aware of various developments, in some special cases it becomes difficult to detect the issue of fraud. In this post we will learn some of the things that fraudsters use to deceive. We will also discuss how to avoid this fraud.

What to do to avoid fraud in the development account
The most common technique of cheating in development is to show greed that you have won the lottery. In this case you will be called and told that your number has won the lottery, which will be added to the development number. The code will go for verification of your number which will be asked to provide.

This code is basically a one time code of bKash payment, through which the money in the account is swindled by the fraudster. So if someone calls and talks about winning a lottery that you have never bought, you will understand that it is just a hoax. And do not give the code on the phone to anyone. If you notice the messages on the phone, you can understand the function of any code.

Friend's accident

Family and friends are two of our favorite names. Fraudsters have become so greedy that they are snatching money from development in the name of family and friend accidents. In this case, basically you will be called and told that someone you know has had an accident, for which money is needed. You will be asked to send the necessary money to the development.

Anyone who hears about a friend's accident will send money without thinking a second time, that's normal. And cheaters take advantage of this emotion. If you are a victim of such an incident, then only proceed after verifying the truth of the matter. You can verify the truth of the incident by calling various relevant places.

Message on Facebook for money in development

Recently, the most common fraud related to development has become hacking Facebook accounts and demanding money from friends. Earlier, hackers used to hack Facebook account and demand money to return the account. Now the account is hacked and everyone in the friend list is given a message asking for money.

If any of your friends ask you for money like this, find out by calling their phone number before sending money. And if a friend's account has been hacked, let others know so that they can avoid any kind of fraud.

Fake customer support

In the advertisements shown on TV, we see that bKash never wants to know the bKash PIN by contacting the customer on its own. If someone calls you from bKash Customer Support and wants to know the PIN due to a problem with your account, then assume you are being cheated.

Many times you are asked to add / multiply or multiply different numbers with the pin instead of knowing your pin directly, from which it is quite easy to get the pin out.

Again bKash OTP is sought through which money is withdrawn from the account. To avoid this type of fraud, call Bikash Customer Care and avoid it. If possible, call the bKash helpline number and let us know about the fraudster's number.

Information update

In addition to the aforementioned methods, fraudsters may also ask you for OTP codes in the name of information updates. You will be informed by phone that a development update is in progress, for which a code has been sent to your phone. This code is basically OTP through which money is taken by auto payment.

BKash has repeatedly stated in its advertisements that they never call customers for confidential information. So these calls called bKash Customer Care actually deal with the issue carefully.

BKash account lock

Fraudsters are most successful in this case. Calling bKash Customer Care says your bKash account is locked and you need to unlock your account for normal use. When one hears that the account has been locked, one gets panicked and unknowingly helps the fraudster to achieve his goal.

Originally, the bKash account was locked, but it was never notified by phone from bKash. If someone calls you by the name of bKash Account Lock, then you will understand that he is a fraudster and wants to steal your money. So if someone calls in the name of bKash Customer Care and says that your bKash account is locked, don't believe it.

And even if you don't do any kind of transaction yourself, if someone is looking for OTP, don't give it. Remember, the security of your bKash account depends largely on you. So always be aware. Awareness can protect your development account from fraud.


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