What is meant by 'i' at the beginning of iPhone name?


Apple's product line has a mysterious "i". From the iMac, iPad, iPod to even the most popular device, the iPhone has this "i" letter. What does the letter "i" in Apple's product mean? Let's get to know that history.

This "i" prefix is ​​used to bring all Apple brand products under one roof. This "i" letter in Apple devices like iMac, iPod, etc. has become the identity of many Apple brands. According to the fan-driven Apple Wiki, Apple has already launched a total of 23 products with this "i" prefix.

This branding was first seen on the iMac released in 1997. The iMac was an innovative computer designed to accelerate the spread of the Internet. The 1997 iMac helped Apple, which was about to close as a company, turn around.

During the development of iMac, Steve Jobs wanted to name this friendly-looking computer "Macman". Later, in a discussion with an advertising firm, Apple collaborator Ken Segal suggested the name "iMac". He told the Internet with the letter "i". He provided the "I" (capital letter) as a suggestion, but Apple eventually chose the "i" which was later finalized.

At the IMAC announcement event on May 8, Steve Jobs spoke for a few minutes about the IMAC name. "The name iMac comes from the excitement of the Internet and the simplicity of Macintosh," he said at the event.

He added that the reason for tagging it as the first product of the series was that customers were demanding a simple computer for internet use, the solution of which was this new product.

Although the Internet has become as commonplace as oxygen at the present time, access to the Internet in 1997 was not so easy. However, this "i" does not only mean the Internet. Explain why this "i" has more meaning in Segal's original pitch, such as: "individual," "instruct," "inform," "inspire," and so on.

"We have other meanings of 'i'," said Steve Jobs. "We are a personal computer company and the birth of this product is to set up the network. This is again a beautiful looking standalone product. We want to see it used in education as well. If students purchase this computer, it can be a great addition to their education. It can help to find different types of information sources on the Internet. We hope that this product will inspire us to make better products in the future. ”

In other words, we understand that iMac's "i" means the Internet was initially captured, but Apple has been able to expand this concept. The use of this branding in all Apple products, starting from the iPhone, has given Apple a unique identity as well as distinguishing it from others.

After iMac, Apple brings portable music player, iPod which is very popular. The iPod is followed by other devices of the same branding which are also gaining popularity. Currently, this "i" branding can be seen in many Apple products. It remains to be seen whether Apple will create something new outside of this branding.

So "I" does not mean Apple alone. Although it started with "Internet", "Inform", etc., but now this I means a lot that is not actually officially announced by Apple. I mean inspiration, innovation, innovation - and much more. 'Internet' can be again!

So if you want to know the meaning of the starting i of the iPhone, then know that Apple does not officially accept any of the meanings at present. They only use this 'I' branding because it is now a symbol of Apple. To curb your curiosity, just assume that the best thing that can be done with the eye is the 'I' at the beginning of the Apple product name.


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