There was a huge change in the tiktok


What comes to mind when you think of the tick? Remixed video clip? Or all the funny videos that everyone from young to old is watching with great pleasure? Many also think of Tiktuk as a sanctuary for short videos. But there is going to be a huge change in the way many people think about tickling. What is that? Let me know.

You might be surprised to know that TickTock only allowed 15 seconds of video to be uploaded at the beginning. What, it sounds weird? While the world spends hours watching Netflix shows and Divya watching 15-20 minute video clips on YouTube, TickTock allows you to upload only 15 seconds of video.

Users stumbled upon the 15-second content. And with the help of various funny audio and background sound clips, the tickers started building a kind of settlement on the platform. TickTock then increased the duration of their video from 15 seconds to 60 seconds or 1 minute.

After that some time passed. Tick ​​tock gained great popularity. Meanwhile, users began to ask for more. TickTock increased the maximum length of the video to 3 minutes in July last year considering everything. One minute to one jump, exactly 3 minutes!

Tick ​​tock does not stop here. One of the most popular social platforms in the world, this time went one step further and increased the length of the video.

For the past few months, TickTock has been experimenting with videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. Yesterday, Tiktok informed various media that they will allow uploading of videos for a period of 10 minutes from now.

That is, you can upload videos up to 10 minutes in length with the ticket. People are uploading 5-6 minute videos on YouTube every day. Using this new tick limit, users can now easily upload various tutorials and even vlogs. With that, the opportunity of income from Tiktak will increase.

10 minutes is a very convenient duration. It is hoped that this update will soon reach all TickTock user accounts worldwide. নিয়ম TickTock account opening rules .

Although its short funny videos have played a big role in the rise of TickTock, its duration needs to be increased in order to make money from videos. Analysts believe that with a video length of up to 10 minutes, TickTock will be able to monetize these longer videos more easily than before.

Do you use TickTock? What is your opinion about the 10 minute long video? Share with everyone in the comments!

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