Some of the best tips from Google that everyone should know

People who use the Internet but don't use Google may not be found. Although the most popular website on the internet is used by everyone, its proper use can make life much easier. In this post you will learn about some of the best features of Google search that all internet users should know about.

Some of the best tips from Google that everyone should know
Using search operators

It is possible to take Google search to the next level by using Google's search operator. This operator can be a word or a specific symbol or a combination of both. Let's take a look at some of the search operators.

- If you search using quotation marks (""), the mentioned words will be included in the results. For example, if you search by typing "Bangladesh" Cricket Team, the word Bangladesh will be in every search result. If you search by adding tilda (~) before any word, that word and its synonyms will come up in the result. In other words, if you search for iPhone ~ cheap, you will see the results of iPhone inexpensive

- To exclude topics that you want to see in a search result, enter the search term and enter the minus (-) symbol and the words or phrases that you want to exclude. In other words, if you search by typing best apps -iOS, you will not get results that mention iOS apps.

- You can use two periods to get a search result within a range of numbers. For example, to search for a product of 1 thousand to 10 thousand rupees, search by adding the operator "81000..7 1000".

- You can use "OR" operator to view multiple search results together. For example, if you want to see the search results on both Facebook and YouTube, then search by typing "Facebook OR Youtube".

- Search results can only use the "site:" operator from a specific website. For example, if you search by typing "Facebook site:", you will see the results related to Facebook only from Banglatech's website.

- Search file type: You can use the "filetype:" operator to find files of a certain format. For example, to find PDF files related to Bangladesh, you can search by typing "Bangladesh filetype: pdf".

- Want to find similar websites? You can use the "related:" tag in the search. For example, if you search by typing "related:", you will find similar sites like CNN.

Advanced Search

Can't remember so many modifiers? You can use Google Advanced Search. Select Advanced Search by entering Google or tapping on the search gear icon. In the case of phones, you will see the Settings option at the bottom instead of the gear icon.

Advanced search page can be searched on the basis of various modifiers. Search results can be searched using different types of filters, such as language, region, last update, domain, location, file type, usage right, etc.

Search with pictures

Everyone searches Google by typing different keywords, but did you know that you can also search by using Google image? This means that if you upload a picture to Google and search, you will find out about that picture.

To search Google by image, enter the Google Image page. You can then search by clicking on the camera icon, pasting the URL of an image or uploading an image. For mobile you can use the same feature by selecting desktop mode from the menu using Chrome browser. If you want , you can do the same thing using Google Lens .

Google Search Dark Mode

Not many people know that Google website has Dark Mode feature. After searching anything to turn on Google's Dark Mode, click on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of the search results page and turn on the Dark Theme below Appearance.


Do you have to do any calculations or any calculations in case of emergency? You can use Google's inbuilt calculator app. To use this calculator just type "Calculator" and Google it.

Convert unit

Google's built-in unit converter can come in handy when you need to convert a specific unit to another. This feature can be used to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, Ounces to Pounds, and even light years to Millimeters. You can also find out the updated value of any currency.

Suppose you want to convert 100 feet to meters, then search by typing "100 feet to meter". Again, Bangladeshis want to know how many dollars will be 1000 rupees? Search for "1000tk to dollar". This way almost any unit can be converted. If you want to know the updated conversion rate of a currency, you can search by typing the short name or symbol ($, €, etc.) of that currency.

Word definition

To find out more about an unfamiliar word or phrase, search by typing a word or phrase before adding "define / definition". You will see a card with detailed information about the word or phrase in the search results.


The Google Translate feature includes translations from many languages ​​around the world. Google has the option to know the words of any language in any language which is very easy to know. Suppose you want to know what a friend says in Spanish, then you have to search by typing "Friend in Spanish". If you want to know the Bengali of Perspective again, then search by typing “Perspective in Bengali”. You will also get the feature of translating from one language to another by writing English to Bengali or Bengali to Japanese in this way.

Know the time

Because every country in the world has a different time, not all of them remember the difference. The funny thing is that there is Google where there is no need to remember the time difference of all the countries. If you search by adding time next to any city or name in Google, you will be able to know the current time of that place very easily.

The time of sunset and sunrise

Want to know the time of sunset or sunrise in the place where you are, or any other place? Google can easily find out the time of sunset and sunrise of your location by typing “sunset / sunrise”. You can also find out the time of sunset and sunrise of any place in the world by searching by adding "sunset / sunrise" next to the name of that place.

Know the weather

Want to know the weather in your area or anywhere else? Weather news of any place can be known from Google. You can easily find out more about the weather in your area by typing "weather". You can also find out the weather news of any place by typing the name of the place and typing Weather.

Set the timer

Timers can be set for any task using Google. This timer can come in handy. You can use this built-in feature of Google without finding a separate timer app in case of emergency. Suppose you want to set a timer for 5 minutes. Then type “Set a timer for 5 minutes” in Google. Suppose again that you have to finish any work in 1 hour so you want to set the timer. If you search by typing "set a timer for 1hour" the timer will be turned on immediately.

Explicit content

Before handing over a phone or computer to a child, you can use Google's SafeSearch feature so that nothing unwanted appears on Google search. From any search results page, click on the gear icon at the top right and turn on the Explicit results filter. Although Google says that it is not possible to fix all kinds of problems with this filter, in most cases it can be useful.

Which of the following Google tips and tricks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.


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