Some important information about the battery saving feature of Xiaomi phone

All Xiaomi phones have two battery modes for saving battery - Battery Saver and Ultra Battery Saver. Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones also have the opportunity to set different battery modes for each app.

This means that it is possible to extend the battery life of Xiaomi phones by using the battery saving feature of all MIUI powered phones. Let's find out the details on how to extend the battery life using the battery saving feature of Xiaomi phone.

Some important information about the battery saving feature of Xiaomi phone
Xiaomi Battery Saver

If you turn on the normal "Battery Saver" mode of Xiaomi phone:

  • The activity of system apps is stopped
  • Apps running in the background freeze
  • If the device is locked, the cache data is cleared
  • High power consumption features, such as Raise to wake, display fingerprint icons while the screen is off, etc.
  • The auto-sync feature is off

Xiaomi phone battery saver mode can be turned on in multiple ways. First of all, after entering the security app of the phone and entering the battery menu, you will see the option to turn on the battery saver. In the same way, enter the settings of the phone and tap the Battery option and you will see the same menu.

If you select the Battery Saver toggle next to it from the menu that appears now, the battery saver mode will be turned on. Toggling off again will turn off battery saver mode. You can also add shortcuts to the battery saver mode by editing the phone's quick access panel for easy access.

Xiaomi Ultra Battery Saver

Xiaomi's Ultra Battery Saving Feature is not only in name but also in function. This ultra battery saving feature can significantly increase the phone's battery backup when needed.

When Xiaomi turns on the phone's Ultra Battery Saving feature, most of the power-consuming features are turned off and only the basic functionality of the phone, such as calls, SMS, general internet access, etc., is turned on by reducing the performance to save the battery.

To turn on the Xiaomi phone's Ultra Battery Saving feature, enter the Security app and enter the Battery section. Then turn on the toggle next to Ultra Battery Saver mode. Then the idea of ​​that mode will be given and Ultra Battery Saver mode will be started.

Note that in the case of Ultra Battery Saving Mode, almost all the apps on the phone cannot be accessed. Only certain apps can be used in Ultra Power Saving mode. These apps can be selected after launching the Ultra Power Saving feature. If you want, you can add the Ulta Battery Saver option in the quick settings panel for quick access.

Separate battery mode for the app

The feature of setting a separate power plan for each Xiaomi phone app is quite remarkable. Battery performance can be greatly optimized by setting the power saving mode separately for each app in normal battery mode. There are a total of four power plans for the app, viz

  • No restrictions: There are no restrictions in the app activation
  • Power-saving mode (recommended): Relatively important apps are preferred
  • Restrict background applications: Various features like push notifications will be off, but the app will not be off
  • Restrict background activity: The app will be closed to save power

The background activity of the phone app can be easily controlled based on the specified battery mode. To use this feature:

  • Enter the phone's settings
  • Enter the Battery section
  • Tap on App Battery Saver option. If you can't find the option, tap the Battery tab at the top to find it
  • Then select the required option for the app from the four options mentioned

It is important to be careful about setting the battery mode. For example, if you set the battery mode Restrict background activity in the case of a messaging app, you will not receive notifications of messages in that app. Again, in the case of apps like video player, you can keep it with restrictions as it is not very important for notifications.


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