Mistakes you should avoid sending emails


Every day we deal with a lot of information. It is not uncommon for mistakes to be made when sending emails. If you are involved in the process of exchanging regular emails, you should be aware of the mistakes that need to be avoided when sending emails. In this post you will learn about the common mistakes made while sending emails.

Going to reply early

It is an unforgivable mistake to reply to an email without reading all the messages in the received email. If you try to reply without reading the message of any email well, you may miss any point of the email. So you should not always reply without reading the email completely.

Forwarding unnecessary messages

Forwarding an unsolicited message via email is a common misconception about an email. It wastes people's time as well as lowers your credibility towards the sender. So think twice before forwarding any message and adding someone to the email chain. Only forward messages if you think others will benefit through message forwarding.

Hurry up to send emails

There are many types of errors in emails due to the rush to press the "Send" button before composing the desired message. This mistake can be easily avoided. Enter the recipient's email only after completing the email check. There is no problem in forgetting the email and sending it.

Add signature to every email

Adding huge signatures to every email can create an awkward situation. Email signatures per message can be a nuisance in the case of large thread emails. Just adding your name and email / website can be a good way to add your signature.

“Reply To All”

One of the most common mistakes when sending emails is using the "Reply to All" feature instead of "Reply". If you want to get rid of this problem, do not rush to reply to the email.


Attachment is a big part of email. When emailing someone, you should avoid making the mistake of not sending the requested attachment or forgetting to send another attachment. To avoid such problems, upload the attachment as soon as you write the file attachment in the email. Please read and check the attachments before sending the email.

Do not add general greetings

As a human being it is quite inappropriate not to add general greetings (greetings) to any type of email. So don't forget to add basic greetings in case of email like any other conversation.

Typing by Caps Lock

Since email is often used for important purposes, there is a need for considerable caution in the typing of email. Many people have a habit of writing all the letters in capital letters by locking the caps, which is a very embarrassing habit. Writing the whole email in capital letters does not make the matter look bad as well as professional. If you need to emphasize a word, you can make it bold, but it is better to avoid writing emails by locking the caps.


People will make mistakes in typing, it is normal. Since email is now a professional means of communication, there must be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in email. If you want, you can easily get rid of this kind of problem by using different typing tools like Grammarly.

Poetic writing

The purpose of email is to communicate with others in simple language. You are not being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for writing emails. So always write in the style of the email subject and avoid unnecessary talk. 

Forgetting to maintain tone

When we speak, we express our feelings through every organ. But in email, there is no such opportunity, so it is very important to keep in mind the tone of the email.

Use emoji

Since email is used for business purposes, it is best to avoid using emojis in business emails. The use of emoji in email undermines the professionalism of email. But marketing email is different.

Do not double check

Always read a few times before sending an email. Although typing mistakes can be corrected by using different typing tools, it is not possible for people to find out the mistakes that can be caught. So any email should be read a few times before sending.

Mistakes to avoid when sending emails

Spend time on email management

Email management is not your full-time job, which is something to keep in mind. Research from the Mackenzie Global Institute found that most office workers spend a quarter of their day managing emails. So it is better to spend this time on other tasks without wasting time on email management.

Sending sensitive information without caution

If you send sensitive information via email, let the recipient know in advance. Because if the recipient adds someone else to the email chain after sending the email, the privacy of that file or information will be completely lost. So always be careful when sending sensitive information or files to email.

Not using auto-responder

If you are on vacation, you should think about what will happen to the emails coming to your inbox. The best solution is to set up an automatic email response before going on vacation. Also tell us how you can be contacted in case of emergency.


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