It is important to keep in mind to use Grameenphone Free Facebook

Grameenphone introduced a facility to use free Facebook quite a while ago. More specifically, the service was officially launched in November last year. But even after all this time, many customers are still facing many problems while using this service. Some say their money is being cut, while others say they can't use the service. 

The first thing we need to keep in mind is that there are a number of conditions attached to any offer. It is not possible to take advantage of the offers properly if all the conditions are not observed properly. The same goes for Grameenphone 's free Facebook offer. If you want to use the service well or enjoy its benefits, you must know its terms and conditions.

It is important to keep in mind while using Grameenphone Free Facebook
Otherwise it will be seen that you are only deducting money from mobile while using free Facebook or you are not able to launch the service at all. In this post we will know about the things that are very important to keep in mind for using Facebook for free on Grameenphone. 

The issues are described below.

The free Facebook offer will apply to you when

GP's free Facebook offer but not always applicable to all customers. It depends on the internet balance of your GP mobile. Only when the MB or internet data balance on your mobile becomes 0 (zero) will you be considered eligible to use the free Facebook offer. There are some more conditions that you will know by reading the whole of this post.

The benefits that are available under this offer

The mobile operators have launched this free Facebook offer to facilitate the communication of a large number of mobile users in the country. It includes free Facebook (text only), free messenger (text only), and free text only internet browsing service (Facebook Discover).

GP's free Facebook can be run on devices

The name of this free Facebook offer of Grameenphone is Facebook Autoflex. It is also known as Text-Only-Facebook. Because if you run Facebook under this offer, no pictures or videos can be seen in it. Only text can be seen. Some emojis can also be seen. However, there are some conditions for the device.

You can use this text only Facebook for free from the Facebook app, Facebook Lite app, Messenger, and Android phone browsers on Android.

This free Facebook and free messenger cannot be used in the Facebook app on iPhone or in the iPhone Messenger app. However, if you want, you can use text-only Facebook browsing and text-only Facebook messaging services by visiting Facebook's mobile website through iPhone's Safari browser, Google Chrome browser, etc.

In that case money will be deducted from your mobile account

One of the most important conditions for using Grameenphone's free text-only Facebook is GP's 'Pay as You Go' data plan. If the internet data balance or MB balance in your GP SIM is exhausted, then if there is any money balance in your SIM then the GP's 'Pay as You Go' data plan is automatically launched. 

That is, if you have any money in your original GP SIM account (* 56 #) then this pay as you go data plan will be launched. Under this plan a charge of Tk 1.22 per MB will be applicable up to a maximum of Tk 6.075 (VAT, SD, SC included). After that, even if you have money in your mobile, the money will not be deducted. And since then you can use text only Facebook for free from Facebook app or mobile browser.

You can run this free offer till you buy the next data pack. Remember, just as you will not be able to make calls from your phone when your account expires, you will not be able to run free Facebook.

How to run this Facebook without spending any money

As I said earlier, if you have money in the original GP SIM account even after your MB balance is zero, then under the Pay As You Go plan, the charge will be applicable at the rate of Tk 1.22 per MB up to a maximum of Tk 6.075 (VAT, SD, SC included). After that the money will not be deducted. Then the free Facebook facility will be launched in your SIM. But what if you want to avoid these costs? In that case, if you have already zeroed your account balance, you can run direct text only Facebook and Messenger without spending any money.

Many people nowadays buy minutes and data packs directly from bKash, Rocket or Recharge stores. If you do this, usually no money is deposited in the main account of the phone. Rather minutes and MB balances are deposited. As a result, if you follow these tricks and keep the money balance in the phone account zero, then Pay As You Go plan will not be launched. Once you run out of MB balance, you can instantly run Text Only Facebook and Text Only Messenger at no cost.

Have you used Grameenphone's free text only Facebook? Your experience is requested in the comments.


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