Google is bringing a new feature to free up storage on Android phones

Smartphone makers around the world are bringing more and more storage phones to the market day by day. But at the same time the amount of storage usage of different apps is increasing. Once you see the storage details of your Android device, you can understand the amount of space occupied by different apps. 

Google is bringing a new feature to free up storage on Android phones
No matter what app you're talking about, whether it's a browser, messenger, or a fancy app like Talking Tom - everyone occupies valuable phone space. This amount can range from a few hundred megabytes to a few GB.

People who usually do photography and videography on their mobiles need a little more space. Again, many people buy phones with 64 GB or less storage. In these cases the free space of the phone is easily filled. Then the phone starts to slow down. It is often seen that software updates cannot be given due to lack of sufficient memory in the phone. 

In such cases, some people delete their valuable files, photos or videos. Again, many are forced to remove various apps installed on the phone. The size of each app is the same. But once any app is uninstalled and then installed again, it takes time for the user to set up. Also for those who use mobile data it is even more frustrating.

Google has announced a new feature on Android to solve this problem. This feature called App Archiving can be used to delete various parts of an app installed on an Android device. You do not need to delete the whole app.

With the app archiving feature, an app will be converted to an APK file without being completely deleted. Data for that particular user account will not be deleted for that app.

As a result, the user's data will remain inside the device. The app can then be reinstalled using the APK file created by the app archive. Then the app can be used again as before because of the data saved by that user. No need to reconfigure. Customer custom settings for the app will also be refunded.

As you may have noticed, APK files are only a few megabytes. When they are installed on the phone, the app takes up a lot more storage than the APK file. With the launch of this new feature of Android, a lot of free space can be found by archiving and not deleting any app forever at the necessary moment.

According to Google's blog post, up to 70% of the app's storage space can be used on Android devices using the app archiving feature. This means that you can save more than half of the storage space that the app occupied through this feature. 

Suppose an app occupies 100 megabytes of storage space. If you convert that app into an archive with the app archiving feature, you can get back up to 60 MB of free space on your device.

But yes, then you can't use that app. Because it will then be in archive mode. To use the app, you need to restore it from the archive to the installed state. In that case you need to reinstall the app from the APK file you created.

Note that the iPhone already has a feature called app offloading. With that feature, apps that are less used or not currently used can be 'offloaded'. As a result, the app is uninstalled, but the user data created for that app remains stored on the phone. Later users can download and install the app again if they want. Then he will get back to his previous configuration.

Google has started working on the app archiving feature on Android. They have said that they will add it to Android sometime this year .

How about this new storage management feature of Android? Let me know in the comments!


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