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Microsoft Office's Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. software is quite popular. Many people know that these are usually offline programs of Microsoft Office but not really free software. These have to be bought with money.


Many people in our country use this software, which in many cases is cracked. Cracked means they use them illegally by violating the licensing process without buying. Using cracked paid software is illegal and unjust.

There are countless free software of the same type to do the same thing as Microsoft Office. We should not crack Microsoft Office but use its free alternative. In this post you will learn about the best options of Microsoft Office which can be used for free.

Google Docs

Anyone with a Google Account can use Google Docs for free. Google services can be used through Google account.

For example: Gmail for Email , Google Drive for Cloud Storage, Google Docs for Word Processing, Google Sheets for Spreadsheets, Slides for Presentations and Google Meet for Video Conferencing .

The good thing about these Google services is that you don't need to download any software to use them. Anyone can use the mentioned tools for free using any modern web browser.

Again, there are dedicated mobile apps for Android and Apple devices, which have made this service more accessible.

Collaboration can be done easily using these programs of Google as it is an online tool. In addition, Microsoft-format documents can be imported and exported to Google Docs .

If you want to work with Excel, you have Google Sheets, and if you want to make a beautiful presentation like PowerPoint, you can use Google Slides. You can use the tools in the browser by visiting.

LibraOffice or LibreOffice

Of all the free desktop alternatives that Microsoft Office has, LibreOffice ( or LibreOffice is the most popular. It is free as well as an open source software. For many years LibraOffice has been used on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

In January 2017, LibraOffice launched the highly anticipated version 8.0 to add many new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and new easy-to-navigate help systems. LibraOffice supports all types of file formats from Microsoft Office. 

Let me tell you, there is an online version of Microsoft Office that can be used for free. Of course there are also premium features.

So if you only want to use Office apps in the browser, you can use Microsoft Office for free and legally by visiting


While most people don't know about Office, it is no less than any other office suite. The slogan "Powerful like Microsoft Office, free like LibreOffice" gives an idea of ​​how confident the developers of OnlyOffice are about their products.

The best thing about OnlineOffice is that it supports all the file formats of Microsoft Office which are not present in most office suites. OnlyOffice's interface is quite clean and professional, which will appeal to those who do not like Microsoft Office's interface.

This means that OfficeOffice is filling in the gaps of other office suites, for which it is a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

OnlyOffice has a cloud version only. This means that it can only be used online in any modern browser. You can also host your office on your own server and share it with others for private access.

Only Office is available for free for personal use. In addition to the general and professional interface, there is no distraction. With app, real-time collaborative editing and sharing is possible. The company charges an annual fee of 120 for use.

WPS office 

WPS Office is a great office suite that can be used for free. This app has all the features that you need to have in an office suite. The app also has many unique features like PDF conversion, PDF merging and splitting, document signature, document encryption, fonts and templates, etc.

The problem with the free version of WPS Office is that it shows ads. And some useful features due to which the feature has to be unlocked for 30 minutes after seeing the sponsored ad. However, this feature-based ad has many advantages over banner ads.

It is better to say that using WPS Office on relatively weak hardware can be a problem. So if your laptop or desktop is made of old hardware, it is better to look at any other option in the list. The premium version of WPS Office ( can be purchased for just 30 per year.


The OpenOffice package includes a word processor, database, spreadsheet and presentation program, which is an alternative to Microsoft Office apps. Writer for word processing, Calc for spreadsheet, Base for database and Impress for presentation. OpenOffice can be used for free. Also this office suite has draw and math app.

OpenOffice supports many popular file formats. There is an opportunity to install only the necessary apps in OpenOffice. OpenOffice can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. There is a portable version that can be used in OpenOffice ( without having to install it.


FreeOffice is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. FreeOffice can be used on Windows, Linux, and even Android devices. FreeOffice supports almost all types of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint formats.

In terms of features, FreeOffice will lag behind other apps in the list. But if you are happy to have the general features and all the necessary tools at hand, then will not disappoint you.

Which of the free Microsoft Office options are mentioned in this post? Let us know in the comments section.


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