Facebook has opened a new way of earning for creators


Social media platforms are bringing new benefits one after another. With that comes all the new monetization benefits. If one platform today brings a monetization advantage, you can be sure that in a few days another competing platform will bring a similar benefit. This is more or less the case with all types of social media platforms, new or old.

From the beginning, there has been a huge demand for short videos on new social media platforms like TicTac / Like. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram did not sit idly by watching the popularity of short videos. YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts which allows you to upload 1 minute videos. Facebook and Instagram have launched a similar facility called Reels.

Maximum one minute video can be uploaded on Facebook Reels. Not only that. Facebook Reels also offers the facility to remix videos like TickTock and YouTube Shorts. You can call it the Facebook version of YouTube Shorts.

This feature was launched on a limited range on Facebook several months ago. Facebook recently announced the launch of the feature worldwide. There are new benefits of earning money from Facebook Reels.

Facebook reel videos can be monetized in several ways. That means you can earn money from Facebook Reel Video in multiple ways. One of these is the Facebook bonus.

If your Facebook reel gets at least 1000 views in 30 days then you can get thousands of dollars bonus under Facebook's bonus program. But let me tell you, this feature depends on the will of Facebook. Facebook will invite users to this bonus program based on the quality of the video.

Under this bonus program, a creator gets up to Rs 3 million ( 35,000) which is definitely a great thing.

Just like the ads are shown in the beginning and middle of the normal Facebook video, the auto ads of Facebook can be shown in the reel video.

In addition, Facebook will give the opportunity to show banner ads at the bottom of the reel video. These ads will appear in the form of text or images. You will see such ads in the player on YouTube.

If you want, you can show another new type of ad in reel video. These are called sticker ads. These stickers can be placed anywhere on the reel video. Facebook will show different ads in place of the sticker from which you will get money. This is going to be a very funny feature.

There is a new way to earn money from Facebook

Facebook does not stop here! Another feature called Paid Star is going to be added to the Facebook reel video. By buying these stars, your visitors will be able to donate directly to you.

The real feature is expected to come to your Facebook app in a few days. If you have already uploaded the video on Facebook, I hope you like the reel feature.


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