3000 Taka Bonus (Limited Opportunity) on Bkash


By sending money from the bank to bKash on bKash Friday offer, the opportunity to win 100 taka bonus is running out. So if you haven't taken the offer yet, you need to do something easy to get a quick bonus. And you have to have internet banking facility. This post discusses this in detail.

You will need some things to accept this offer. For example, you need to have a bank account. From that bank account, you will get 50 + 50 = 100 rupees by adding Rs. 1500 twice for development through internet banking service. That is, 1500 + 1500 = 3000 rupees in two separate transactions. Then you will get a total bonus of 100 rupees in that bKash account.

Remember, you have to add 1500 + 1500 = 3000 rupees from a bank account to a development number. 1500 every time. In this way you have to send 3000 rupees twice. You will receive this bonus within 3 working days.

This means that if you add money today, the bonus will reach your bKash account anytime within the next three working days. So far, the development has been going on with this bonus for the last four weeks. So hopefully this week too they will be able to reach the right bonus. Then why the delay?

The money that you add to the bKash account will remain in the bKash account. You can use this balance of bKash account for different bill payments. You can even cash out this money from bKash if you want or send money to someone.

You can also get bKash rewards by making various transactions using balance from bKash app . In return for these reward points you will receive cashback on development. So this could be a pretty good deal for you.

Bikash said 

On March 4, 2022, you get a bonus of Rs. 100 for Rs. The bonus will be credited to the development account from the bank account within 3 working days.

More info

  • From one bank account only 1500 rupees will be given twice and 50 rupees will be given as a total bonus of 100 rupees.
  • This bonus will be given only for the first two times 1500 rupees from a bank account in case of Ad Money. 
  • Development may make any changes to this offer at any time, without prior notice.

Due to this offer running for the last 1 month, many customers have linked bKash account with their bank account. Because this offer can be availed only by sending money to Bikas using internet banking service of bank account.

100 Taka Bonus (Limited Opportunity) With Rs.

The total bonus amount was 500 rupees. The offer lasted for 5 weeks.

To find out more call the bKash helpline or have a free live chat. Learn how to communicate with development by clicking here .

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