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Many of us who work with websites or blogging are probably familiar with the website called A-ads. And those who have heard the name of the website for the first time today, they may be wondering what kind of website it is again? is basically a cryptocurrency based advertising network. Which is one of the alternatives to AdSense. This company pays their publishers via Bitcoin. So many of us use this opportunity to earn bitcoin. 

In today's topic we will share with you some payment proof of Bitcoin earned from A-ads. This will allow you to find out if A-ads actually pays customers on the website and whether it is really possible to earn bitcoin from it !!

Bitcoin earnings payment proof

I have tried to present the Bitcoin payment proofs through the screenshot below. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see that on July 2, 00 0.00100028 btc = .9 32.95. I later received a payment of 00 0.00100022 Btc = .4 33.48 on July 12, i.e. ten days later, and 28 0.00100006 Btc = .6 40.69 on July 28. 

A-ads Payment Proof Bangla

Combine the three images below with the image above. Then you will understand very well about A-ads Payment Proof. 

A-ads earning Proof Bangla

Earn Bitcoin from A-ads

Earn Bitcoin Online

The payment proofs I have shared above about Bitcoin earnings are proof of my own earned Bitcoin. First I applied it myself and then I shared it with you. At the BD Online Tips website we always try to give you accurate and truthful information about earning money online, so that you don't waste time chasing after fake or scam things. 

Moreover, if you want to be more sure about this, you can search Google by typing A-ads Earnings Payment Proof Bangla or A-ads Payment Proof Bangla and you will find many more articles and videos. You can see them if you want.  

Hopefully, through today's topic, an advertising company called has found payment proof that Bitcoin pays customers. The site is 100% legit. You can also earn bitcoin for free from this website if you want.


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