Arefin Tech Golpo. Season-1, Episode-05, 16 February 2022

 Research on Facebook-TikTok addiction, new law proposals


The National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences in the United States will conduct research on the causes of youth addiction through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitter.

Two US senators have already introduced a new bill to tackle the addiction of various media users. Democratic Senator Amy Cloboucher and Republican Sen. Cynthia Lumis introduced the bill yesterday. News Reuters.

The new policy will be developed by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) based on data from research by the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences. Failure to comply with the policy will result in disciplinary action against social platforms.

In a statement, Kloubacher said platforms have made profits more important through social media. They display hazardous content and spread false information to keep users engaged. Those problems will be dealt with here.

Social media has been linked to the suicide of an 11-year-old American girl last year. As a result, the girl's mother filed a case against Meta and Snapchat.

Francis Haugen, a former Facebook insider, leaked the tech services market last year. Haugen's leaked documents show that despite being aware of the adverse effects of Instagram on teenagers, Facebook has suppressed the issue in the lure of profit.

Haugen later testified at a Senate hearing that the social giant was spreading dangerously false information about the coronavirus and its vaccines. Francis Haugen quit his job at Facebook last year because he could no longer accept Facebook's business activities. However, before leaving the job, he copied some internal documents of Facebook.

Facebook then claims that the results of their research have been misrepresented in the wake of reports in various media outlets about the results being avoided; Not to mention the positive impact of Instagram. A few days later, while testifying in the Senate, Antigone Davis, the global head of Facebook's security, made the same statement.

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