Top 9 Data Entry Job Websites

Data entry is one of the most popular ways to earn money through freelancing. Data entry is quite easy so anyone can earn by entering data. Data entry work can be started with very little idea.

Data entry is basically a lot of copy-paste work. That is, the act of collecting data and storing it in a specific database is called data entry. In this age of the internet it has become imperative to keep online copies of all data or information. As a result, the demand for data entry work is increasing day by day.

Anyone sitting at home can earn money by entering data using a computer with an internet connection. Typing speed is an important factor in data entry. There are many types of data entry tasks, such as captcha writing, form filling, data editing and formatting, online data collection, listening to audio files, etc.

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The general idea about data entry was found. Now let's know about the best websites to earn money by data entry.

Rev - Rev is a popular data entry website. Data entry jobs like transcription and captioning are available on this website. Before starting work on this website, you have to complete the qualifier task where you have to transcribe different types of audio.

Rev pays members based on audio minutes. Rev. offers $ 0.35 to 75 0.75 per minute for audio. After 60 minutes of transcription is completed, it is promoted to the next level. Again, this website does not have a fixed schedule, which means you can work at any time.

If you know more than one language, you can earn money by translating subtitles. Rev. makes weekly payments through PayPal.

Upwork - Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest online data entry job sites in the world. Upwork has more than 5,736 types of data entry jobs. If you want to browse jobs in Upwork, you must have an Upwork account, which can be created for free. You can easily open an account at Upwork by providing your name and email address.

Jobs in Upwork can be browsed after profile is activated. Before applying for a job, you can find out about the skills required for that job, remuneration, type of work, etc. in the job description section.

Upwork is one of the most trusted freelancing sites. Even organizations like Microsoft, Airbnb, etc. use upwork. Anyone can find the data entry work of their choice from

Freelancer - Freelancer brings businesses and freelancers together in one place. It is one of the best freelancing websites in the world where you can find many types of data entry jobs using keywords. You can also easily find your own job by using filters like Skill, Language, etc.

Freelancers bid for a job on the website. Considering the skills and vacancies of the freelancer, the job postman chooses the freelancer of his choice for the job. Anyone can open a free account on the website and start working.


Fiber, one of the most popular freelancing platforms in the world, offers a wide range of data entry jobs. Fiber can be a great platform to build a career as a data-entry freelancer.

To start working at Fiber, you first need to create a seller account and add qualifications, experience, skills, etc. These details are very important in getting a job. In the case of Fiber, the freelancer posts their service and the customer chooses the freelancer of their choice. So whether it is data entry or any other type of work, regular profile update is very important for success in Fiber.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a UK based freelancing platform. Anyone can easily start earning money by opening an account on this website. Although there are not many job listings like freelancing websites like Upwork or Five, it is possible to earn income by entering data from People Per Hour. With relatively little competition, it is relatively easy to find work on this platform.

Flexjobs - Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a popular website for data entry jobs. You can work on this website from home or anywhere. Although you can open a free Flexjobs account, you must buy Flexjobs membership to get a job. If you are serious about creating a freelance carrier by entering data, you can pay Flexjobs membership fee.

All the major companies in the world offer a variety of freelancing jobs, including data entry at Flexjobs, so paying a specific fee to apply for the job is not a problem.

Clickworker - Clickworker

Clickworker is a popular website for getting data entry jobs. One of the great things about this website is that you can do multiple tasks at once. For example, in addition to proofreading or content reading, you can also do data entry work. You need to open a free account to start working on, then you can explore the jobs posted on the website.

মেগাটাইপারস - MegaTypers

Megatypers is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to various government and private organizations. The website offers data entry jobs like image-to-text, transcription, voice to text, etc. Anyone can start working on the website. The website is an ideal platform for student income. The website pays by debit card, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

Scribie - Scribie

Scribe provides affordable translation, transcription and various types of data entry services to various businesses. If you want to become a data entry professional, can be a great website. To work on the Scribe website, you need to have the ability to read English and communicate in English.

Scribe offers a variety of functions, such as converting audio files to text, transcription, spelling corrections in transcripts, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes. This means that you can earn money from this website only if you have very simple skills.


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