TrueCaller App all new features explained in 2022

 Launched in 2009, the Truecaller app has been providing protection against scammers and spammers for over a century . Truecaller version 12 has already arrived. True Caller has a redesigned interface for Android as well as all the new features. Let us know about these new features added to Truecolor.

Call announcement

The Call Announce feature has been added to the True Caller app. If this feature is enabled, the Truecaller app will read the caller ID of the incoming call after the call arrives. With the addition of this feature, the True Voice app will read the name of the calling ID in the case of both normal voice calls and Truecaller HD voice calls.

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Call recording

The call recording feature of TrueCaller app is back. All Android app users can use this call recording feature. Recorded calls can be heard or deleted from the TrueCaller app or through the file browser. Call recordings can also be shared via Bluetooth, email or any other messaging service.

Video Caller ID

The Video Caller ID feature allows you to record a short video, which will be shown when calling a friend or family member. By recording a selfie video, it can be used as a video caller ID. Video caller ID can also be created using the built-in template.


The video that you create your own video caller ID will be shown on others' mobiles when you call them. If you call those who have your phone number saved on their mobile, they will be able to see your video caller ID or selfie video on the screen.

Ghost Call


A new feature called ghost call has been added to True Caller app. This feature can be used to display a screen showing a call coming from that person using any name, phone number and photo. Any number from the contact list can be used for this ghost call feature. Using it you can create fake calls as an excuse to say goodbye to annoying people.

Interface update


Innovation has come in the user interface of Truecaller app. The TrueCall app's call and SMS features have been moved to two separate tabs. Having a separate tab makes it easy to read SMS on the phone. Again, group chat or general chat will be quite convenient to find.

There are currently more than 300 million Truecaller users worldwide, according to Truecaller authorities. Do you use the True Caller app? Let us know in the comments section.


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