How to use Messenger All features explained 2022

 Messenger is an instant messaging service owned by Facebook and Meta. Launched in August 2011, the service replaces "Facebook Chat". Anyone with a Facebook account can use Messenger.

Messenger is a widely known messaging app in Bangladesh. Let's learn more about Messenger usage rules, Messenger features, etc.

Download Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger can be used from Android , iOS and desktop apps. Messenger can also be accessed from a computer through a web browser by visiting Messenger can also be used in Apple's Apple Watch.

Facebook Messenger Update - MessengerPeople by Sinch

Some browsers have add-ons for quick messenger access. Although these extensions are not official tools from Facebook, they can be used to use Messenger for free. For example, Firefox users will be able to use Messenger using the "Messenger for Facebook" add-on when visiting other sites using Mozilla Firefox.

Messenger features

Although the number of features in Messenger is not too much to count, each feature is quite useful. Let us know in detail about all the important features of Messenger.

Sending texts, pictures, or videos

Messenger is a texting app that can be used for one-on-one or group messaging. Besides, it is possible to send pictures and videos using Messenger. Built-in emojis, stickers and gifts can also be used in conversations.

A handy feature in Messenger is when someone is typing in a chat, a message is delivered or someone reads a message; There are separate indicators for each subject. It also shows when a message has been sent and when it is being read or viewed, along with the timestamp.

There are many ways you can send a message to someone using Facebook Messenger. E.g.

Visit the Facebook site on a computer or mobile browser from the Messenger or Messages option.

From the Messenger option in the Facebook Lite app

Visits the site from a computer or mobile browser

Using the Messenger app on mobile or computer

The main Facebook app on mobile does not have the built-in messenger feature. You need to download Messenger app separately.

If you want to send a message to a Facebook user on Messenger, first visit his Facebook profile. You will see the message option under his name.

If you use the Messenger app on your mobile, then clicking on the message button below that profile on Facebook will open the Messenger app. Then you will get the option to write a message.

Rules for sending messages in Messenger:

Access the Messenger app or website

Tap on the Chats tab and select the name of the person you want to message. You can also find the ID of the desired person through the search in the top bar

If you want to message someone new, tap on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the app.

Then select the account of the person you want to message. You can also create group messages by selecting multiple IDs

Type the desired message in the textbox at the bottom of the chat and send the message by tapping on the paper airplane icon next to it.


Message status is shown when someone reads the message sent. E.g.

Only the blue circle means that the message is being sent

The blue circle with the tick checkmark means that the message has been sent

A complete blue circle with a tick checkmark indicates that the message has reached the desired person's device.

When the message is read, the profile picture of the person to whom the message was sent is shown on the side of the message.



Rules for sending pictures or videos in Messenger:

Photos or videos can be sent by entering a chat and tapping the camera button or the gallery button

By tapping the camera button, pictures can be taken directly on the phone or video can be recorded and sent

By tapping the Gallery button you can select the picture or video on the phone and then by tapping on Send you can send the selected picture or video

Gifs, stickers, etc. can also be sent by tapping the smiley icon next to the textbox.

You can react to the messages that come in the chat of Messenger in the same way as Facebook. Another advantage of sharing audio and video through messenger is that all sent and received media is stored in cloud inbox. This means that even if you change the device, the sent media is saved.

All messages coming to the Facebook account are saved in Messenger. Also, if you delete a chat in a messenger, that chat is also deleted on Facebook. The "Ignore Messages" feature allows you to avoid annoying contacts or groups. However, most spam messages or friend requests are not accepted, the message of the account is submitted in "Message Requests" which you can see by selecting the profile icon from the messenger and tapping on "Message Requests".

Voice and video calls

In addition to texting, audio and video calls are a popular feature of Messenger. Audio and video calls work in both mobile app and desktop versions. Messenger has become one of the leading apps for internet calling along with messaging app by providing free audio and video call feature. To call someone on Messenger:

Find the desired contact by entering the Messenger app from the Chats tab or by searching

Then you will see the audio and video call buttons next to the name of the person at the top of the chat


Audio calls can be made using the first button here

Video calls can be made by tapping the second button

Audio message

If you don't like either text message or call, then messenger voice message can be very useful. Recording starts by tapping the mic button on any chat and when the recording is finished, the voice message can be deleted or sent to the chat. If you don't want to type or get annoyed, voice message can be a comforting addition.


Messenger has a feature to block contacts. It is also possible to unblock again. 

Enter the messenger and select the desired person's account

Then tap on the Information (i) icon next to the call buttons at the top of the chat.

7 by scrolling down Tap on Block


Select "Block on messenger" to block that person only in Messenger and also "Block on Facebook" to block Facebook.

To unblock a blocked person:

Enter Messenger and tap on your profile picture

Select Privacy

Then enter Blcoked Accounts

Now you can see the list of blocked people in Messenger, from where you can unblock them

Sending money

It is possible to send money to friends or family and businesses in Messenger using debit card information. This feature works in both mobile app and desktop versions. However, the feature of payment through messenger has not come in Bangladesh yet.

To make a payment or make a transaction on Messenger, you must first set up Facebook Pay. Then you can go to any chat and select Send Money from the menu to send money or request money. Payment requests can also be sent by sending a text message asking for payment for something. Short memos can also be kept to remember about the transaction.

Location Sharing

That's right! Location sharing is also possible through the Messenger app. If you want to share your location with someone, you can do so easily using this feature of Messenger. Messenger's built-in location sharing feature only works on mobile apps.

Messenger shared location is able to provide live location for up to one hour. Select the bottom menu of any chat and tap on Location to share location according to the given instructions. To share location on Messenger:

Enter the messenger and select the desired chat

Tap the four dotted / plus buttons at the bottom of the screen

Then select the Location option


To share your location, tap Share Live Location, which will share your location with that contact for the next 60 minutes.

Any other location can also be shared using the pushpin icon in the right corner

Group message

It is possible to open a group chat with a maximum of 250 people on Messenger. You can change the default emoji, colors, themes, etc. from the names of the messenger groups. Group members can also be given different nicknames.

To open a new group in Messenger, enter the app, tap on the pencil icon in the upper right corner and select the "Create a new group" option. Then select the account of those you want to add to the group and press Next. Follow the instructions to complete the messenger group opening process. All group features can be customized like normal chat.


Notifications and ringtones

Messenger's notification and ringtone sections have the opportunity to be customized. If a user wants, he can turn off Facebook notifications for a certain period of time. Notification settings work similarly in both mobile apps and desktop apps.

After entering a chat, if you go to the menu, you can set a separate notification for that chat. If you want, you can turn off the notification of messages of any group or individual in Messenger. To adjust messenger notifications:

Enter the Messenger app and tap the profile picture

Then tap on Notifications & Sound


From here, you can control everything from messages to calls to notifications.

Adding new contacts

The best way to add new contacts to Messenger is to become a friend on Facebook. However, in addition to being a Facebook friend, if you reply to the message sent to the messenger, it is automatically added to the messenger. Messenger also provides a custom code, which can be scanned by anyone to add you to Messenger.


Tuktak photo and video editing can be done using Messenger. This editing tool can be used for cropping / trimming images, adding text, or scratching with a brush.

Secret conversation

The "Secret Conversations" feature provides extra protection for Messenger conversations. End-to-end encrypted messaging is possible using it. You will see the feature to start secret conversation in any chat option.

Using Messenger without Facebook

In the past, Facebook and Messenger were very different services. Then there was the opportunity to open a separate messenger account using the phone number. However, in order to use Messenger now, you must have a Facebook account. However, after activating Messenger with Facebook account, Messenger can be used even if the Facebook account is disabled.


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