Win up to 150 taka in bKash account!

 Great news at the end of the year for all new and many old development users. If you do not already have a development account, you can open a new account and get a balance of up to 150 TK. And if you are already a bKash user but have never used the app then you too can get this wonderful bonus. The country's largest mobile financial service provider is offering free cash up to Tk 150.

 Win up to 150 taka on bKash account

This bonus amount will be given to you step by step. If you use different development features after receiving the first installment, you will get more money in the next few days. So once you have received an amount not using the app, or if you do not complete the following steps will not receive the next kistigulo. Once the bKash app is downloaded, you need to open a bKash account. You can easily open an account from the app. Then you will get bonus by following the rules below. 

 If you register your account automatically from the app and login to bKash app for the first time, you will get 25 taka bKash bonus (immediately). If you have been using Button Mobile bKash for so long but have never logged in to the app, then if you login to the app for the first time, you will get a bonus of Tk 25 immediately.

For the first time he got 25 TK. Then how do you get the remaining 125 TK? For this you need to use the service. If you recharge your mobile at least once in any mobile number from the app within 7 days of login to bKash app, you will get another 25 taka bonus. Get it right away. Got a total of 50 TK. 

After fulfilling the above two conditions of the offer, an option called My Challenge will appear in the bKash app. If you pay electricity, water, gas or telephone bill up to 500-1000 TK in the first month of login in bKash app for the first time, you will get 10. After that if you pay any such bill above 1001 taka you will get 15 taka bonus. Here you will get a total bonus of 25 TK.

Remember, you will receive these bonuses and subsequent installments within two working days. So far it is 75 TK. The remaining 75 TK.

If you recharge 11 taka mobile again in the 2nd month of login, you will get 25 taka bonus. Then if you send 1000 TK to someone for development, you will get 10 TK. Then if you send money of Rs 2,000 to someone again, you will get 15 TK. Remember, send money transactions have to be done in an active bKash account. So far the total bonus is 125 TK. The remaining 25 TK. 

If you cash out 2000 taka or more in the 2nd month of login in bKash app, you will get 25 taka cashback. So it became 150 TK.

The above bonuses will be applicable within 7 days of logging in to the bKash app after the first mobile recharge and for the next 2 months. If you miss one of these steps you may not get the next bonus.

 Remember, cashback bonuses will be paid within two working days. This offer is valid till 31st December 2021. The offer will apply to mobile handsets that have never used the bKash app before.


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