What to do if Google Adsense don't reply within 14 days 2023?

Everyone involved with blogging wants to earn money through Google AdSense. But Google AdSense sometimes behaves in a way that frustrates bloggers.

One of the reasons for such frustration is that AdSense has not received a reply in 14 days. Why not AdSense replay in 14 days? What to do if you do not reply in 14 days? So let me know in this post.

What if you don't get a reply from AdSense within 14 days? You must be disappointed. There is nothing to be frustrated about. There are several reasons for this. If you know the reasons and apply correctly, I hope you do not have to wait more than 14 days.

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Why Google AdSense does not reply in 14 days?

There are some reasons for not replying in 14 days, one of the reasons is to apply in wrong process and apply at wrong time.

There are many who apply for AdSense directly from the Earnings tab of the Blogger Dashboard. Although this is a recommendation from Blogger, applying in this way delays AdSense replies in most cases.

Applying in this way takes time to connect to the site in Google AdSense. As a result, it takes a long time to review the site. This may be one of the reasons for not replying to AdSense in 14 days.

So I would say that in case of applying for AdSense, apply manually from AdSense and not directly from Blogger.
In case of manual application, you can verify the AdSense publisher code by placing it on the site. If you make a mistake in entering the code, you will immediately understand and get a chance to insert the code correctly.

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It can take up to 14 days for your reply to arrive at the wrong time. To say wrong time is to apply immediately after buying a domain, to apply with less posts, to apply without indexing the post in Google, etc.

So you must apply 1 to 2 months after taking the domain. And of course share unique content on the site and index those posts on Google. After completing these tasks, apply to Google.

How old is the domain to apply?

If the domain is 1 month or older, try to apply. Many people say to apply AdSense after 6 months. In fact, time is of the essence to apply for AdSense, but your site must have good quality content. Basically it takes 6 months to get a site in a good position so everyone says so.

If you can share good content on your site within 1 month and fill the minimum post requirements, then you can apply for AdSense. However, before applying, you must check whether your posts are indexed by Google. Having a Google post index will increase your chances of getting AdSense.

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Last word :  apply according to my recommended procedure. I have given these advices from my personal experience. Hopefully, after applying these, you will get a replay from AdSense 14 days in advance.

You can comment on posts and comments about AdSense. I will try to solve according to your comments. alert-info



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