What is YouTube Copyright Strike? How to stay safe from YouTube Copyright Strike?

Copyright strikes are a hot topic in the YouTube community. Whether it's a small vlogging channel or a well-known game streamer - YouTube has the power to strike a copyright strike on any channel it finds appropriate.

Copyright is basically a legal matter that protects the copyright of one's original work. And as an online platform, YouTube complies with this law. As a result, these rules apply to all YouTube users.

Violating YouTube's rules and sharing videos or content or something inappropriate can lead to a copyright strike on the channel. The YouTube Copyright Strike is a very important issue, so it is very important for YouTube content creators to know this in detail.

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What is a copyright strike

What is actually a copyright strike on the channel

The difference between a copyright claim and a strike

How to keep a channel safe from copyright strikes

What is a copyright strike? What is YouTube Copyright Strike?

Nowadays opening a YouTube channel is a very simple matter. But it is not easy to get out of here by uploading other people's videos! Again copyright strikes but not an automatic issue. The owner of a content may grant a copyright strike to that channel if its content is used by someone else without permission. If the content owner's application for a copyright strike is accepted, the video containing the copyrighted material will be taken down or removed by the YouTube authorities.

Since YouTube complies with copyright laws, they are legally taking action against copyright strikes. A maximum of one strike can be given in a video. However, YouTube authorities may delete videos from YouTube for multiple reasons other than a copyright strike.

What happens when there is a copyright strike on the channel?

Copyright strikes are seen as a punishment and warning for unwanted use of other people's content. If a channel is given a copyright strike, the owner of that channel is asked to accept the lessons given in the "Copyright School" on YouTube. This allows creators to learn how copyright law works on YouTube. You can also find out more about the cause of the strike in their video.

If there is an active copyright strike on a channel, the way to earn money from that YouTube channel through Adsense may be blocked. In other words, if there is a strike, there is a problem in channel monetization. If the livestream is removed due to a copyright strike, then the livestream feature cannot be used for 90 days on the channel having the copyright strike.

What happens when there are 3 copyright strikes on a YouTube channel?

The first strike on the YouTube channel is considered a means of much warning and learning. However, three consecutive copyright strikes on the YouTube channel will actually be the ultimate loss to the YouTube channel. Three copyright strikes on a YouTube channel will actually terminate it. This may result in the closure of other YouTube channels associated with the Google Account.

In other words, three times a copyright strike on a channel will actually remove the video of the channel associated with that account. The channel owner cannot create a new channel. In other words, three consecutive copyright strikes

The YouTube service and channel in that account will be terminated or shut down

All videos uploaded through that account will be removed

New YouTube channels cannot be created from that account

Rules for overcoming copyright strikes

There are three ways to overcome a copyright strike. Below is a discussion of ways to overcome a copyright strike.

Wait for the strike to expire

The copyright strike expires after 90 days. So the copyright strike on the channel, if you actually upload the content carefully, the strike will go away after 90 days. For the first time, a copyright strike is essential to complete the lessons of the YouTube Copyright School .

Eliminate strikes by networking

I already know that Copyright Strike is not YouTube, but the owner of the content. Copyright Strike You may request that the copyright strike be revoked by contacting the copyright owner directly from that information.

Submit counter notification

If the channel's video is removed through a copyright strike for any unqualified or unfounded reason, YouTube creators will have the opportunity to submit a counter notification . If the counter notification submission is justified, the copyright strike will be lifted.


Rules for checking copyright strikes

To check the copyright strike of YouTube channel:

Enter YouTube Studio

Select Content from the menu on the left

Click on the filter icon and select Copyright Claims

If there is a copyright strike on that channel, you can find out the details by placing the mouse pointer on the “Copyright claim” and clicking on SEE DEATILS.

The difference between a copyright claim and a strike

Many people are confused about copyright claims and copyright strikes. There is a difference between using the content of others. Let us understand the difference between the two by knowing the characteristics of the two subjects.

Copyright Claim is also called Content ID Claim. Content ID is a fully automated digital system. After the upload of a video, the copyright material used in the video, such as video clips, images or audio, etc., is notified to the copyright holder. Important information about copyright claims:

The copyright claim does not cause any serious damage to the YouTube channel

If someone else has used the copyrighted content, the owner of that content will be able to collect revenue from the video

If the copyright holder wants, he can show the ad in the video to earn revenue

Owners of copyrighted content have the power to restrict videos in certain countries or territories

If the copyright holder wants, you can not take any action

Copyright only affects certain videos

Copyright strikes, on the other hand, are a risky business. If someone else's content is used, the copyright holder of that content may download the video and issue a copyright strike. Information you need to know about copyright streams:

Copyright strikes directly affect the channel

The copyright holder may delete the video from YouTube completely

Copyright strikes on any channel are not actually monetization

Three consecutive strikes are actually channel terminated

A copyright strike expires after 3 months.

What is fair use

Fair use refers to the proper use of copyrighted material for entertainment purposes only. This means that if you use someone else's copyrighted content, the owner will not be able to strike. Fair use is applicable in three cases

Criticism: Criticism of a movie or song can be used in a video of that song or part of the movie (which is copyrighted material).

Parody : There is no restriction on the use of copyrighted material for entertainment purposes only.

Tutorials: Use of any copyrighted material for educational purposes is permitted.

Fair use may also apply to creatively created mashups and news. Click here to learn about fair use of other people's content in YouTube videos .

Ways to stay safe from copyright strikes

Every time you upload content to a YouTube channel, you can be safe from copyright strikes if you remember certain rules. Avoid getting copyright on any channel



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