What is Siri? How to use Siri on iPhone?

 Android phones have Google Assistant, just like Apple devices have virtual assistant, Siri's. Siri can be used on almost all Apple devices. Let's find out in detail about how Siri works and how to use Siri.

What is Siri? - What is Siri?

Siri is a virtual assistant system. Siri is seen on Apple's devices. Apple was the first to add Siri to the iPhone 4S phone. Since then, every iPhone has the Siri feature. In addition to the iPhone's iOS, Siri can be used on the iPad's iPadOS, Mac's MacOS and Apple TV's TVOS, among others.

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Using Siri, various tasks can be done through voice commands without holding the device in hand. Knowing the answer to any question, today's weather, from calling or texting someone to the flight can be confirmed using Siri.

Siri supported device

Let us know on which devices Siri can be used. Devices on which Siri can be used:

IPhone 4S or later model iPhone

AirPods Pro or later models of AirPods

All Apple Watch models

All Macs running MacOS Sierra or later

All homeopad models

IPad 3 and all subsequent models

Internet connection is mandatory (in most cases) to use Siri. Siri's features may vary from country to country. In some cases some of the benefits of Siri can also be used offline.

Rules for launching Siri

Siri is quite easy to turn on. Even if you turn off Siri, you can easily restart Siri by following the instructions below. Siri can be used by saying "Hey Siri" after launching. Or Siri can be used on iPhone, iPad or Mac computer by pressing certain buttons.

To launch Siri on iPhone:

Enter the Settings app

Enter the Siri & Search option at the bottom

Listen for Turn on the switch next to "Hey Siri", it allows you to use Siri using voice.

Tap on Enable Siri

You will then be asked to read some short sentences, follow the on-screen instructions by pressing Continue

When the process shown on the screen is complete, press Done

If you follow the above procedure correctly, you can use Siri as "Hey Siri". By entering the Siri & Search option and turning on the “Allow Siri When Locked” switch, you can use Siri even when the device is locked.

You can change Siri's voice from the Siri Voice menu by entering the Siri & Search option from the settings again. If your phone has a Home button, you can turn on the "Press Home for Siri" switch to use Siri by pressing the Home button. Also, when the Press Side Button for Siri switch is turned on, Siri is turned on even if you hold down the side button.

Siri command


Different sentences or words are used to control Siri. These phrases are called commands. If you know the commands of Siri, it is very useful to use Siri. It is important to know the Siri commands to ensure maximum use of Siri.

Suppose you want to call someone. I assume you want to call Zahid. In that case, after launching Siri by saying “Hey Siri”, you can make a call by saying “Call Jahid” without touching the phone. Again, you can reduce or increase the screen bitness of the device by using commands like "Increase / Decrese Brightness".

Want to know the best Siri commands to use? Banglatech has a separate post about all the best Siri commands that are urgent and useful . Click here to see the post about Siri commands .

Siri use on WhatsApp

Siri can be used in the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. To turn on the Siri usage feature on WhatsApp:

First, tap on Siri & Search from the Settings app

Then turn on the Listen for Hey Siri and Press Side Button for Siri / Press Home for Siri features

Then scroll down and tap on WhatsApp

If you can't find the option mentioned below, tap App Support to find it

Turn on the Use with Siri feature

In iPhone 10 or later models, if you hold down the side button for a while, you will get the Turn on Siri option. After saying "Hey Siri" and turning on Siri, someone can be called and texted from WhatsApp. To send a message to someone using Siri on WhatsApp:

Turn on Siri by long pressing Home button or saying Hey Siri

Send WhatsApp Message to * Say the name of the person you want to send the message to *

Siri will then ask “What do you want to say?” 

After saying the desired message, the message can be sent by saying or pressing Send.

Similarly you can make WhatsApp calls using Siri. For example, if you want to call Salman on WhatsApp, you have to say - Call Salman on Whatsapp. In this way, using Siri can make the use of WhatsApp easier 

Siri closure rules

If you do not want to use Siri, you can easily turn off Siri. To close Siri:

Enter the Settings app

Enter the Siri & Search option at the bottom

Turn off the switch next to "Hey Siri"

Then tap on Turn Off Siri

To turn off Siri completely, turn off the "Press Home for Siri" and "Allow Siri When Locked" switches on the page. Make sure to turn off Siri by tapping Turn Off Siri.


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