What and How to use Google Photos 2022?

 People who don't like to take pictures on their smartphones may not be found. However, arranging photos on the phone, emptying the storage, or backing up photos and videos can be quite a hassle. The above mentioned tasks can be done quite easily using Google's Google Photos app.

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What is Google Photos?

How to put free photos and videos in Google Photos

Features of Google Photos

Why use Google Photos?

Rules for using Google Photos

What is Google Photos? - What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is an online photo storage and sharing service created by Google. Google's service has been very popular since its release in May 2015. Typically, the Google Photos app is pre-installed on every Android smartphone.

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In the past, for storing pictures or videos, the phone was connected to a separate device and then the picture or video was copied to that device. But thanks to technology, we've got cloud services like Google Photos, which make it easy to store photos or videos online on a cloud server.

Google Photos is basically a cloud file storage and sharing service. It can be used to upload and save pictures online. Google Photos is also very popular as a way to easily share photos and videos with others.

Is it possible to put free photos and videos in Google Photos?

Previously, Unlimited high quality photos and videos could be stored in cloud storage using Google Photos. However, in November 2020, changes were made to the storage of Google Photos.

Google Photos is no longer an unlimited storage feature. Instead, 15 GB of Google Drive cloud storage, which is available for free with Google account, can be used as storage of Google Photos.

This means that the photos or videos stored by Google Photos will be stored in the free 15 GB storage of Google Drive . In terms of storage usage, all Google services use this free storage.


Features of Google Photos

In addition to backing up photos and videos, the Google Photos app has a number of great features. Using these features, storage management of the phone such as emptying the storage of the phone etc. can be done quite easily. Let's find out about the features of Google Photos.

Automatic backup

Photos and videos can be automatically backed up using the Google Photos app. If this feature is turned on, the app automatically stores pictures and videos on the online server when you get a stable internet connection.

Smart search

Google's powerful search technology can be seen in Google Photos. As a result, you can search the Google Photos app using any keyword. For example, to find pictures that have food in the picture, you can search by typing Food. Pictures taken anywhere can be found by typing the name of the place (if you have GPS data, it will be easier to find the picture).


The various features of Google Photos make using the app's assistant feature quite easy. It can be easily used to create collages or albums. This feature is also useful for deleting duplicate files or emptying storage.

Google Lens

The Google Lens feature is in-built in the Google Photos app. As a result, all the pictures in the phone can be analyzed with all the great features of Google Lens. Using the lens feature, objects in the image can be found, text can be copied-pasted and translated.

Google Photos Albums

Photos and videos are sorted into personalized albums in Google Photos through Advanced Image Processing and Analysis. Images are arranged in multiple album categories, including people, places, objects, collages, animations or movies, in Google Photos.

Partner Sharing

Using the Partner Sharing feature, you can share your photos in Google Photos with your friends or family. This feature can be used by entering the Photos app, tapping the Photo Settings option and going to Partner Sharing.

Why use Google Photos?

Photos and videos can be stored in the cloud for free

Automatic pictures and videos can be backed up from the phone

Mobile photos can be emptied after backing up photos and videos online

Movies, animations, collages and albums can be saved, shared and embedded

You can use the powerful search feature to find the content in the image

Photos, videos and albums can be easily shared with others

Memorable moments can be remembered using the memory feature

Using the built-in Google Lens feature, you can search for objects in the image, copy-paste and translate text.

Rules for using Google Photos

The great feature of Google Photos and the reason why Google Photos should be used is clear. Now let us know step by step how to use Google Photos.

Install the app

The Google Photos app is pre-installed on most Android phones. If you do not have Google Photos app on your phone, first install the app from Play Store or App Store. Photos and videos can also be stored in Google Photos from a computer using the web version.

Backup Quality Level

After installing the app, you need to set the quality of the backed up images. In this case, it is very important to select the settings according to your needs and Google account storage. There are two options for backup quality level:

High Quality: In this case all the backed up images are saved at 16 megapixels and all the videos at 1080p resolution.

Original: In this case the original image or video is saved without full size and compression

Rules for browsing the app

After entering the Google Photos app, you will see all the pictures on the phone by date. The desired image on the phone can be found by entering the Search tab in the menu at the bottom of the app.

Multiple photos or videos from the Sharing tab can also be shared simultaneously using the link. Previously shared photo and video albums will also be displayed in this tab. On the other hand, all the pictures and videos can be seen in the Library tab in the form of folders.

Photo and video edit

Not only photo or video backups, but also photos and videos can be edited using Google Photos. Numerous features like crop, image adjusting, filter, markup can be used for image editing. Almost the same feature can be found in the case of video editing.

The video edit feature in the Photos app has the advantage of exporting certain frames in the video. There is also a great feature to stabilize shaky videos in the Google Photos app which works quite well.


The sharing feature of Google Photos app but not as common as all other apps. Select one or more photos or videos from the Google Photos app and tap the Share option to share the photos or videos via the link.

This means that one or more photos and videos can be easily shared by Google Photos using just one link. To share the desired image or video, tap on Share and then create a link by tapping on Create Link. Anyone can view shared photos or videos using it.

Do you use the Google Photos app? Let us know your experience using Google Photos in the comments section.


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