Use Facebook for Free on Robi and Airtel SIM without any MB!

 If you are a Robi or Airtel SIM user then you must be wondering how to run free facebook ? Free Facebook and Messenger services have recently been re-launched in Bangladesh. At first, only Grameenphone could use this text-only Facebook data without buying it. But now Robi and Airtel SIM users can also enjoy this facility.

Robi is the second largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. You may also know that Robi also owns the Airtel brand in Bangladesh at present. In other words, Airtel Bangladesh is basically a service of Robi. So Robi and Airtel have launched this free Facebook and free messenger service simultaneously . In both cases the conditions are fairly similar.

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What is Robi Free Facebook? What are the benefits of Airtel Free Facebook?

The free Facebook launched by Robi and Airtel is similar to Grameenphone text-only Facebook . In other words, if you want to enjoy Facebook and Messenger services without buying data with Robi and Airtel SIM, then it will be text-only. This means that only text and icons can be seen. No photos or videos can be seen.

Robi and Airtel customers can use text, emoji, sticker, comment, like features on Facebook without buying internet. That means you can only see the text and icons in it. You can also like, comment, share, etc. However, you can not see the pictures and videos.

The same goes for free messenger. Robi and Airtel users will be able to send free messages to each other on Facebook Messenger. However, they will only be text messages. You will not be able to send any pictures. You will not be able to make free audio or video calls again.

How to run free text-only Facebook on Robi and Airtel? 

If you have a Robi SIM, you can use Facebook and Messenger normally using that data balance as long as you have a mobile data pack in it. But when the mobile data balance is exhausted, you can use free text only Facebook and Messenger.

You can enjoy this free text only service from your mobile's Facebook app, Messenger app and mobile browser.

If you have money in the original account balance of your mobile then free service will be started after deducting a charge of 5 taka from that money as “Pay as you use”. However, if you do not have any money in your mobile account, you can run free text only Facebook and Messenger as soon as you run out of data.

You can also use the free internet service through the Facebook Discover service .

If you run out of mobile data while running Facebook, you can use the Facebook text-only version. Once your data is exhausted, you'll see a notification agreeing to the terms-and-conditions for running this text-based Facebook.

How long can I run free text-only Facebook on Robi and Airtel? 

If you have validity with Airtel and Robi SIM and no money or data balance in the balance, you can use free text Facebook and Messenger till the next data pack purchase. If you have money in your mobile account balance, you can run free text based Facebook and Messenger after spending around Rs 5 under Pay As You Use Pack.

You can enjoy this free service without buying any data as long as your SIM is valid. However, if you want to visit any external link from Facebook or Messenger, then data will be required.


Some questions and answers about free Facebook in Airtel and Robi SIM

What is Text Only Facebook?

This text only Facebook of Robi and Airtel is a special offer. Through this you will be able to see only the posts of different posts on Facebook. Likes, comments, shares can all be done. However, it also has some limitations.

Can I run Facebook Messenger?

Yes, you can also run Facebook Messenger for free under this offer. However, some Messenger services cannot be used in this free version.

Why is money being deducted from my account?

If you have money in your mobile account then the automatic pay as you use pack is launched after the mobile data balance is exhausted. In that case the pay as you use pack is closed at a maximum cost of Rs. So after this 5 taka (more including VAT) is charged, it is expected that no more money will be deducted from the account.

Can I make free calls?

You can only send texts, emojis and stickers using Free Messenger. No pictures, videos can be sent. Audio / video calls cannot be made.

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