Top 5 laptops under 20,000 Taka in Bangladesh 2021

 The word "low" means "good" because it is widely used in our daily life and at the present time everyone wants to take something good with low price.

So for your convenience, today I will give you details about 5 laptops which are low in price and mean quite good.

If you want to buy a good laptop at a low price then you have to pay attention to some things. Today's article about laptop.

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Today's article about laptops that cost less than 20 thousand Taka

HP Chromebook With 4GB Ram =19,795 Taka

HP Stream NoteBook With 4GB Ram =19,260 Taka

Asus ChromeBook With 4 GB Ram =18,190 Taka

Acer Aspire 1 With 4GB Ram =18,190 Taka

Lenovo Chromebook 100s with 4GB Ram =18,190 Taka

Of all the laptops available in Bangladesh, this article is about the 5 best laptops available for around Rs 20,000 or Rs 20,000.

So if you want to buy a good quality laptop for 20 thousand Taka then this article is very important for you.

The names and prices of all the laptops available for Rs 20,000 are given above. But how do you know if the laptops above are good or bad?

So read my full article to know how good or bad laptops are.

First let's learn about the features of laptops one by one, then we will know why these laptops are good and how these laptops will perform well.

What's in an HP Chromebook?

Hp Chromebook Model:14-ca050nr

Hp Chromebook This laptop has Intel Dual 1.1 GSZ to 2.4 GSZ processor, Chromi OS system and 4 GB RAM, 32 GB AMMC internal storage.

The sound system has DTS sound and stereo speakers. The camera is HP True Vision web cam and microphone. Number keypad with full size Blacklick keyboard.

14 inch display, 1920 × 1240 resolution support, the weight of the laptop is 1.53 kg and you can keep this laptop on for 10 hours and 30 minutes by charging it once. This laptop is white color only and you get 1 year warranty.

The HP Chromebook is the most expensive laptop we have in this article and its demand is high. HP is well-known as one of the largest laptop companies in the world.

What's in the HP Stream NoteBook?

HP stream Model:X7S48UAR

Hp stream This laptop has Intel Celeron N3060 and 1.8 GHz to 2.48 GHz processors. The operating system is Microsoft's Windows 10 (64B).

RAM is available 4 GB ROM 32 GB EMMC Solid Straight Drive. The sound system has DTS sound and stereo speakers.

The camera will be HP True Vision web cam and microphone and you will get the keyboard. You will get the numeric keypad with the blacklit keyboard.

With a 14-inch display, 8 × 138 resolution supported, the graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 400. The color gets Snow White, the laptop weighs 3.15 pounds and comes with a 1 year warranty.

What's in an Asus Chromebook?

Asus Model: C202SA-YS02

The Asus Chromebook laptops have Intel Celeron N3060 and 2.48 GHz as processors. The operating system is Windows CromaOS. RAM is available 4 GB ROM 16 GB EMMC Solid Straight Drive.

The sound system has stereo speakers, DTS sound, microphone, camera Asus True Vision webcam, spill resistant keyboard.

You can keep the laptop on for 10 hours with a single charge. The 11.6-inch display comes with 8 × 138 resolution supported and Intel HD graphics card. This laptop is available in 2 colors Dark Blue and Silver. The laptop weighs 2.2 pounds and comes with a 1 year warranty.

What's in the Acer Aspire 1?

Acer Model: A114-31-C4HH

The Acer Aspire 1 laptop is powered by Intel Celeron N3450 and 2.2 GHz. Windows 10 is the operating system.

RAM is available, 4 GB ROM, 32 GB flash memory, solid straight drive. The sound system has stereo speakers, DTS sound. Microphone, camera and Asia web cam.

You can keep the laptop on for 9 hours with a single charge. It has a battery size of 4810 mAh.

The laptop has a 14 inch display with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 supported. The graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 500. This laptop will be available only in black color. The laptop weighs 3.84 pounds and comes with a 1-year warranty.

What's in a Lenovo Chromebook?

Lenovo Model: 100s

The Lenovo Chromebook 100s laptop has Intel Celeron N2740 as the processor. Operating system: Chromi OS and RAM 4GB ROM 32GB EMMC.

Display 11.6 inch resolution 768 × 138 supported. Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics. The laptop weighs 2.8 pounds and is available in black only. Once charged, you can keep the laptop on for 8 hours.

The 5 laptops in our article are available in the market at low prices and all their features are much better than the budget. If your budget is low i.e. less than 20 thousand Taka or 20 thousand then you can take any one of these 5.

Will these 5 laptops be good for work?

Usually those who have low budget do not work hard with all these laptops. Everyone does simple things like running Facebook, blogging, editing pictures, watching videos, etc. with a low cost laptop.

Why are these 5 laptops good?

These 5 laptops will be the best among all the laptops available in the market for Rs 20,000 at present. Why 4 GB RAM is used in all these laptops.

The best processor used compared to the budget. Battery power is very good and laptops have 1 year warranty.

Not only do these laptops at Rs 20,000 have more RAM, they also have better quality cameras and HD displays which are much larger in size.

With these laptops you can do blogging, you can also edit videos, but there is a possibility of a little hang, why not? No problem.

The last word

If you can increase the price a little, then you will get a better laptop from these 5 laptops. The current market has become such that with a slight increase in prices, more featured products are available and as a result, the general consumers are embarrassed.

So all the laptops in the market are good, so choose one according to your ability, take it without thinking and start working, then when the success of your work will come, then either you will get a better and more expensive laptop.



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