Teletalk SIM number code and all necessary codes 2022

 In today's post we   will discuss all the codes 2021 of Teletalk SIM .

At present, along with the use of Teletalk SIM, the demand is also increasing. Although Teletalk SIM has not yet reached everyone, this telecommunication company is serving many customers.

Since it is not the most common SIM, we have very little idea about this SIM. Such as call rate of this SIM, balance viewing code, number viewing code etc.

Teletalk gives out free SIMs to promote female internet users | Dhaka  Tribune

So in today's article I have discussed all the code required by Teletalk. So let's not know all the necessary codes of Teletalk.

This post   contains almost all the required codes of Teletalk SIM . You can simply collect the code you need from here or use it knowingly.

Below is a list of some of the codes of Teletalk SIM

Teletalk SIM number viewing code

To show Teletalk SIM number dial: * 551 # 

Code to check the balance of Teletalk SIM

To check Teletalk SIM balance dial * 152 #

Code to check Teletalk SIM minutes

To check Teletalk SIM minute pack dial: * 152 #

Code to check Teletalk SIM's Internet or MB

To check MB of Teletalk SIM dial * 152 #

Code to check Teletalk SIM SMS

To check Teletalk SIM SMS dial * 152 #

Code to stop all Teletalk SIM money cutting services

To stop Teletalk SIM money cutting services, send STOP ALL to 335 from your mobile.

If you can't find any Teletalk SIM code in the list, please let us know in the comments. We will let you know.



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