Squid Game 2022 (Season-2) Full Review

 (Spoiler Alert 6) The Korean thriller series Squid Game was released on Netflix in September 2021. This drama series is at the peak of its popularity at present. Netflix has grossed more than 900 million from the  21.4 million series. The first season of this hugely popular series had 9 episodes. Some unknown people organized a game show with 456 players.

All these players who lost the battle of life have come and gathered here. The goal is money. Player number 458 has gambling addiction. The wife has separated with their daughter. Next year, the girl will move to America with her honest father. Mao of this man named Seng Ji Han is very ill. A lot of money is needed for treatment.

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A girl named Kang Si fled with her brother from the other side of Korea. It takes a lot of money to bring my mother back from the other side of the border. The No. 1 player is a patient with a brain tumor. There is no one in his family. Perhaps, he has come here to challenge his own destiny once again. Besides, so many people have gathered here suffering from various problems. But no one knows what is going to happen next. 

If someone wants to leave the game voluntarily there is no gift for him, but if he wins there are crores of rupees. But if everyone wants to stop the game collectively, then this game will stop. 

They were brought here unconscious and blindfolded. When they opened their eyes, they were wearing a mixture of green and white. Their serial numbers painted on the clothes. At first they were taken to an open field. They all started playing with this game called Red Light Green Light. About half of the players lost their lives for a while. 

Everyone panicked. Went back to his own world. But what an infallible pull came back again. After that, one by one, everyone started playing various games including Dalgona Lozenges, Tug of War, Glass Bridge, Marble Fight, Squid Games.


In the game of marble, the old man himself left the field and led Ji-Han to victory. He voluntarily chose death. The second time they returned, a police officer killed a squid game guard and took his place. 

But why? Front Man watched the game alone for so many days. But why so many guests today? Who is the leader of the frontman and above? What is behind that mask?

Meanwhile, where do the doctor players go every day? Those who have guards as humans or robots? So many corpses are being burned, how many years has this game been going on every day? Who is giving so much money? What could be the reason for killing so many people? 

A lot of mysteries are going to be unveiled up front. But can Ji Han endure so much? What is the reason behind so many deaths? What is the cause of happiness for someone's death? 

If you watch this series with thousands of questions in mind, you will get many answers in the end. But many answers will remain unknown. Maybe these answers will be available in season 2. 

The script writing for the squid games began around 2006. This writer and director named Huang Dong got the idea for this series from Japanese manga. He was in debt at the time. He spent most of his time reading comic books in the cafe. And from that time on, the idea of ​​this series came to his mind. 


In squid games, the number shown by the "squid game" authority is that of a very ordinary woman. Who had no idea about the squid games series. However, he got a response after the series was aired. One after another calls are coming to his number, everyone wants to take part in squid games. He has lodged a complaint against Netflix. However, Netflix has said that it will blur the part of the number. But so far the numbers have spread. 

If so, how is the series? In a word, it is quite good. Every man has played great. Making, visual, background music, dialogue and every little thing has been monitored. Even the paintings on the walls, from the kitchen, from the gambling ground to the ferry, from the playground to the hospital bed, everything has been taken care of. But yes, you may not like the acting and dialogue of foreign guests in the story.


The director and the writer have very skillfully described how many problems each person faces in their life. For example, the No. 1 player, suffering from a brain tumor, has no family with him. Come to this game as a challenge. 

The No. 456 player wants to keep his daughter to himself. 456 people have 458 different problems. The solution to everything is money, at least that is what is revealed here. Money or success will come to those who can survive in the competition. And surviving the competition means surviving. This is a strange game!

But there is so much blood, so many deaths in this series, so many atrocities that many cannot bear. Not like giving 5/5. 5 to 4 can be given. The force seemed to have been somewhat prolonged. The last part gives a small hint of the new season coming.

Each character in the series was strong, whether he was a guard or G Han's daughter or the people behind the mask. The ground on which the games were played was really awesome. Built on an island in the middle of the sea, this place is equipped with sophisticated equipment. There are everything from CCTV cameras to modern weapons, automatic doors, on this secluded island.


One of the favorite places in the series is the background music. Almost all of the dialogues were quite powerful. Which has raised the standard of the series even higher. Each character was so perfect, it felt like something real was happening. 

We often watch many types of reality shows. The squid game show can also be included in the reality show. 

Triangles, quadrilaterals and circles. These three sizes will be seen throughout the series. Even the guard's face mask has these three symbols, the name and writing of squid games with these three symbols. The card on which everyone was called also had these three symbols. The last game was the squid game. That game is a lot like our country's "tickling" game. The game board was a combination of these three symbols. 

In short, it's a series of exciting squid games . It will be a good time to watch 9 episodes. However, it is better not to show weak-minded people. Because there are so many murders, there is blood that many people will not like. However, it is a good series for thriller lovers. Let's not have a bad time the whole time. Red light and green light music will play on your head, as if to mesmerize you.

As of last news, more than 130 million people have watched this game based thriller show. Have you seen the squid game series? How are you? You can let everyone know in the comments! 


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