How to use free Internet using Facebook Discover

Recently, a service called Facebook Discover has been launched in Bangladesh as an initiative of free internet for useful services. This service called Discover provides free Facebook as well as free internet facility. The Discover service can be used by apps and websites. This is part of a larger enterprise.

Let's find out what Facebook Discover is, the benefits of Free Discover, the features of Discover App and how to use Free Internet from Discover.

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What is Facebook Discover? | What is Facebook Discover?

The service in question Discover is an app / service from Facebook, which can be used to visit various websites for free. Free mobile data is available daily using the Discover app on supported networks. This free mobile internet can be used to search the internet and visit different websites.

In other words, Facebook Discover is giving the opportunity to all the people of Bangladesh to use Facebook and other important websites for free. However, in some countries outside of Bangladesh, people can use free internet services through the agreement of mobile operators with Facebook.

Only text and icons of supported websites can be seen in the Discover app. No videos or pictures can be seen on the website. Discover users will be able to access certain amounts of data specified by the operator.

What are the benefits of Facebook Discover?

You can search for free using Facebook Discover and visit different websites. The advantages of Facebook Discover are:

Read the daily news

Know live game updates

Looking for a job

Know the weather

The purpose of Facebook Discover

Although 4G internet or broadband internet service is already very popular in our country, people in different remote areas are still deprived of internet facility. Also due to internet cost it is not possible for many to buy regular data.

For example, a student who has no income. If he wants to know about his studies or online income , he should buy his internet package and find out about it. In this case, he will be able to do a free Google search using Facebook Discover. Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines can also be used.

Facebook has launched a free internet service called Discover thinking of disadvantaged people. The main purpose of this Discover feature is to provide basic internet services to people of all walks of life.

In other words, if the data is exhausted or there is no option to buy, then no one will be deprived of Internet facilities. Facebook's free Discover feature allows people of all walks of life to enjoy Internet services. With this initiative, free Facebook (text only) service has also been launched in Bangladesh.

Features of Facebook Discover

15 MB free internet can be used every day through Discover. A maximum of 150 MB free internet can be used per month using Discover website and Discover app .

After entering the Facebook Discover website or app, a search box and some official and important websites are seen. Google search on any topic in the search box. Any website in Google search results can be visited for free.

The Discover website or app's homepage currently has the following official websites (more new websites may be added in the future:

Board of Education website

Website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education

Website of Dhaka Board of Education

The following Kovid-19 related websites can be visited on the homepage of Discover website or app:

International Health Organization website

Corona Info website

You can also search for any topic using the Discover app or the search bar on the website and visit the websites that come up in the search results. You can also enter the website by entering the address of any website in the search box.

Discover's website and app have Google search service by default. However, you can change the search engine if you want. To do this, open Discover Settings. Audio, video and pictures will not be seen while using the free data provided by Facebook.

Discover loads website data quickly without internet charges. Basically using a proxy makes it possible for a website to load faster. The Discover service opens the first visited site using its own proxy server. The system of that proxy server then sends the pages to the user's phone in such a way that no video, audio or data content of any kind is overloaded. Discover also removes harmful code from the website using proxies

Website data is stored on a secure server in order for the whole process to work smoothly. Discover saves the data of those websites in a readable and encrypted format. This way Discover can load websites very easily and quickly.

Rules for using Facebook Discover

The rules for using Facebook Discover are very simple. Facebook Discover can be used using the website or app.

Visit the Discover website

Download the Discover app

Remember, if you don't have internet data on your phone, you can use Discover App's free internet. Maximum 15 MB internet can be used every day using Discover app. Again, a maximum of 150 MB of data per month can be used on the Discover app or website. You can try this when your phone's mobile data balance is 0.

After running out of data on your Grameenphone mobile account, you will be able to use the Discover mobile app or the free Discover site through a web browser after spending up to a maximum of 5 MB at a cost of Tk 6.075 as a Pay As You Go plan. However, if you do not have money in the account balance, you can use free data immediately.

At present, only Grameenphone SIM can use Discover app for free internet and free Facebook. However, it is hoped that this free internet facility will soon be available to all operators in the country.

Any website can be used for free using Discover app or website. Facebook has also launched a free Facebook service.  Learn about Grameenphone's free text only Facebook .


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