How to protect your BKash Account from Hacker

 BKash is a popular mobile banking service. With countless bKash users across the country, bKash has become a major means of cheating people. Anyone can be deceived at any time if they do not keep their eyes open.

To ensure the security of the bKash account, let us first know how bKash is cheated. Then you will know what to do to protect the security of the bKash account.

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How fraudsters take money by development

With the advancement of technology, the methods and types of fraudsters are constantly changing. At present, it is very difficult to deceive the customers as a result of spreading awareness among various financial transaction systems like bKash. However, at the same time, fraudsters have come up with various fancy ways to deceive people.

A customer can be deceived in multiple ways through his bKash account. First of all, let's talk about the simplest deception. Someone called and introduced him as a development officer and wanted to know the PIN to solve some problems with the account. Basically, in these cases, the fraudster takes the money by knowing the PIN number.

Fraudsters can also withdraw money from bKash account knowing bKash OTP. They will call you when you need an OTP after trying to login to your account or reset your account PIN. In this case, they have different strategies. If you tell someone the OTP that came through the message on the phone, your bKash account could be hacked.

Then there is the assurance of fake lottery in all cases from Facebook to development. You are told by phone that you have won the lottery in a huge amount and to withdraw this money the bank will deduct VAT from you for a certain amount which you have to pay before the money is received. Thus, in the name of giving lottery, it is very common to use VAT money for development.

Then comes the most fancy means of deception. Although the main goal of this medium fraud is not development, this problem can happen in almost any mobile banking including development. Facebook ID is hacked and money is demanded from friends in the name of danger due to urgent reasons. This method of deception is currently being used by fraudsters all the time.

What to do to protect the security of the bKash account

Which should be done

It is very important to follow certain rules while using bKash account. This makes it possible to protect the security of the bKash account. Let's find out the rules to follow to protect the security of the bKash account.

Accurate registration form

Almost all of us in a hurry to open a bKash account forget to consider whether the information given while opening the account is correct or incorrect. But to ensure ownership of the bKash account, it is necessary to provide this information correctly. In case of forgetting the PIN, losing the SIM or correcting any information related to development, the information provided in development is the only reliance. So when registering a new bKash account, provide all the information correctly in the registration form.

Keep the PIN secret

Always keep your development pin code secret. Refrain from sharing development pin code with anyone. Sharing a bKash PIN number with someone can embezzle your money if they get your mobile. So refrain from sharing the development pin with anyone.

Use your own account

Use your own development account to have complete control over your transactions. It is safer to open a bKash account in your own name than to make a transaction from someone else's bKash account.

Verify every transaction

In case of any transaction, it is very important to verify whether the right person and the right amount are going properly. Always verify the amount of money sent from your bKash account at the time of transaction, PIN code, security code or any other information before providing it. After each transaction, verify the SMS received from bKash to make sure that all the information is correct. Also check the balance of the bKash account before and after the transaction.

Cash out from the agent

During the cash out, just use the “Cash out from Agent” option from the development agent. Many cunning development agents take cash out money by sending money. This is not the right thing to do. So cash out from the agent in the appropriate way.


Button Leave the inbox on the phone empty

Most of the time our buttons have full inbox of mobile SMS. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Bikash is a mobile banking service. Always keep the phone's SMS inbox empty so that the required SMS from bKash can come to your mobile.

Apply for help if needed

If you have any problems or questions related to bKash, you can easily call bKash helpline, 16247. There are also many more ways to contact the development helpline. Use them properly if necessary.

Which should not be done

There are some things that should not be done at all to ensure security while using bKash account. Let us know about the things that should not be done to ensure the security of bKash account.

Code sharing

Its pin code ensures the core security of your bKash account. So never share your development PIN, secret code, security code, etc. with anyone. Remember, bKash will never want to know your PIN, secret code, security code, etc.

Fall into greed

If someone contacts you in the name of lottery, prize or competition in development, they will take it as fraud. If someone calls you to tell you that you have won a lottery or a prize on a bKash account, contact the bKash helpline number immediately to confirm the information.

Calling someone else

Refrain from giving out phones with your bKash account to people you don't know or trust. Remember, anyone with access to your phone can access your bKash account. So don't forget to give your phone to someone.

Transactions using someone else's account

Always transact using your own development account. Refrain from making money transactions using other people's accounts. Anyone can open a free bKash account using his NID and mobile number. So always use your own development account for transactions.

Cash out through send money

Never cash out from a development agent using the "send money" feature. In case of cash out from the agent always withdraw money using cash out option.

Remember, development is only a money transaction platform. If a customer makes a mistake or admits to fraud in a money transaction, the responsibility lies primarily with the user. Bikas will not be liable for any damage caused by user error.

So always be careful in the use of transactions or transactions. Always make an informed decision without falling into the trap of cheating. Your caution can ensure the security of your bKash account.


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