How to get Monetization on Youtube without 1000 Subscribers?

 Nowadays, the way to make money from the internet through YouTube has become very popular.

Thousands of people are now making money through YouTube  .

However, if you are also thinking of making money from YouTube ,

So first of all you need to know about " YouTube Video Monetization ".

In fact, the key to earning money through YouTube is to "monetize the videos uploaded to the YouTube channel".

But now many may be wondering, “ What is YouTube Monetization? ”And“ How to Monetize YouTube Channels? “.

YouTube Monetization Eligibility (Rules) : How to Get It Done? | The  SocioBlend Blog

Don't worry, in today's article I will explain to you completely.

However, before I learn more about YouTube monetization, let me tell you -

There are some important rules and regulations for monetizing channel videos.

So, in order to earn income through monetization, you have to work according to those conditions.

But don't worry, below I will tell you in full detail.

What is YouTube Monetization? (What is YouTube monetization)

What is YouTube Monetization?

As I mentioned above, your YouTube channel has a special feature called "monetization".

When this monetization option is turned on, some ads are shown in the videos on your YouTube channel.

And, unlike the ads in your videos, YouTube pays you.

So, YouTube monetization is a process,

By doing so, you are allowing YouTube to show ads on videos in your channel.

Now, when you allow YouTube to show ads,

Google will then display ads from its advertising partners in your videos.

Google will keep 45% of the amount of ads shown in your videos,

And, 55% will pay you through your Google AdSense account.

And, later you can withdraw your earned money from your Google Adsense account to the bank account.

However, before applying for YouTube channel monetization, you must know about the new YouTube Terms and Conditions.

I hope you understand what is YouTube Monetization in English.

Why does YouTube pay us?

Now, many may be wondering, "Why does YouTube pay us?"

However, the answer to this question is straightforward.

In fact, YouTube is a service of Google.

And we all know that Google has another service that we know as Google ads .

By creating an account of this Google ads, everyone pays Google to market and promote their product, business, service, website, video etc. on the internet.

And, with money from advertisers, Google shows their product / business ads in our videos via YouTube.

In contrast, Google keeps 45% of the money taken from advertisers and gives 55% to us.

So, if YouTube or Google hadn't paid us, we wouldn't have bothered to create YouTube channels and upload videos.

YouTube / Google is giving us money so that the YouTube video creator has the motivation and interest to make money.

Because if YouTube creators stopped making videos, it would be a problem for Google to show advertisers ads.

And, if it weren't for the video, there would be no ads. So, how did Google make money?

YouTube Channel Monetization Rules

A few years ago, it was common for any YouTube channel to have monetization.

That is, who would allow video monetization on any YouTube channel?

However, at the present time of 2020, monetization is not so easy.

YouTube has a set of conditions that you can apply for monetization once you comply.

Those terms are,

You must have at least 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel.

In the last 12 months 4,000 Watch Time hours have to be through your videos.

The channel must comply with YouTube's policies & guidelines .

You can't upload videos of others already on YouTube to your own channel.

Then you understand, the rules for introducing monetization in YouTube videos.

How to apply YouTube Monetization?

Now, if the question that comes to your mind is,

"How do I monetize a YouTube channel" or "What are the rules for monetization" or "How to apply for monetization"?

Then it has a process.

If your channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time in the last 12 months,

Then you can apply for video monetization by following the steps given below.

(How To Enable YouTube Monetization in English).

How to Apply for Video Monetization - (Steps)

You must first login to your YouTube channel.

Now, YouTube Studio 's dashboard to come.

Click on the YouTube channel icon and you will see an option called YouTube studio.

Now click on the “ $ Monetization ” option in the options on the left side of the YouTube studio dashboard .

YouTube Video Monetization App

Now, you will see a new page, which will show the total number of subscribers and video watch hours in your channel.

If you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 video watch hours in your channel as required,

Then below you will see a button of " Apply now ".

If you are also shown the apply now button,

So the minimum subscribers and watch hours required for your channel are complete.

Now click on the “ Apply Now ” button.

The process of applying for monetization 

After clicking on Apply now, on the next page, you will see 3 different steps.

Review partner program terms 

Signup for Google AdSense 

Get reviewed

There are 3 steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

If after reviewing the channel, YouTube thinks that your videos are qualified to show ads,

Then monetization for your channel will be turned on.

Let's know the details of the steps.

Step1. Review partner program policies

This is the first step where you have to accept the "YouTube partner program terms".

Click on the start link directly below step 1.

You will come across some program terms and agreements which you should read carefully.

Click on the " I accept YouTube partner program terms " box below and select it.

Finally, click on the accept terms button.

Now your first step has been successfully completed.

You can see “ Done ” before writing Step 1 .

Step 2. Signup for Google AdSense

Now at the bottom of the second step you will see the Start link / button .

As soon as you click on the Start link, you will be asked to be redirected to the Google AdSense website.

If you don't already have an AdSense account , select the " No, I don't have an existing account " option and click the continue button below.

You will now be redirected to the Google AdSense website.

However, before you can visit the AdSense website you will be asked to login to your Gmail account to signup.

Properly login with your Gmail / Google account details.

The Google AdSense homepage will open in front of you.

In the homepage, just select your country from the " Select Your country & territory " option.

Now, at the very bottom, click on the " yes, I read and accept the agreement " option and select.

At the end, click on the Create account link.

Now, you will be asked to provide your address details. So, give your address correctly.

When you click the submit button below with the address details, you will be redirected back to the channel monetization page of your YouTube channel.

Step 2 of the channel monetization page is now complete.

However, it may take up to 72 hours for YouTube and Google to link AdSense to your channel.

Once your channel and AdSense account are linked, you will see the text “ Done ” in front of step 2 .

Thus our Step 2 is complete.

Step 3. Get reviewed

Finally, in step 3 you don't have to do anything on your own.

Once Step 2 is done correctly, your channel will be reviewed by YouTube as written in step 3.

If all goes well, monetization of your YouTube channel will be enabled.

And then the videos on your channel will start showing ads.

As a result, you can earn money through your videos.

You will be sent an email via YouTube.

Then you understand, how to apply for monetization on YouTube.

Hope you understand.

In the whole process of applying monetization, only Step 2 is a little complicated.

Because, here you have to register a new Google AdSense to link to your channel.

Our last word,

So friends, what is YouTube monetization and how to apply for monetization,

I have informed you all about this through today's article.

We hope you enjoy today's article "About YouTube Monetization in English".

However, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.

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