How to earn money by playing quiz? (Earn money online)

 In today's article we will discuss in detail how to earn money by playing quiz online .

Best apps to play quiz and earn money online.

Also, in this article you will find out which of the best apps you can use to earn money by playing quiz . ( Best Top Online Android Quiz App, Play Live Quiz And Win Money ).

If your general knowledge is very good and you are also a good student in terms of studies, then of course you can earn money by playing quiz on your mobile . 

In these quiz games you will be asked some general and some difficult questions (General Knowledge)

Is done and you have to say the correct answer from among the given options.

20 Ways To Make Money Online

If you answer correctly, you can earn your own pocket money or more.

But I will say at the beginning, you will not be able to earn much money through these types of mobile quiz games.

Different Quiz Apps give us different amounts of money.

So, you need to use a good Quiz Apps to earn more money. But don't worry, below I will tell you about the best quiz apps.

Online Quiz Apps are some of the online income apps that have gained popularity very quickly, and many people are earning a good amount of income from these apps sitting at home.

So, if you are also thinking of earning income by playing online quiz at home, I have given full details about this below. 

What does quiz mean? (What does the word quiz mean)

Simply put, a quiz is a game or competition where you have to answer different questions.

It can also be called a test of a student, class or competitor by which his general knowledge in any subject is verified.

By definition of a quiz, it can be called questioning or a short test.

Is it really possible to earn money by playing online quiz?

See, now the Internet to earn money from the way there are lots of ways to tell. And of all the ways, "mobile quiz apps" are a great way.

But remember, you will find many such apps on the internet, some of which are fake.

At the end of these fake quiz apps you do not have to pay your income.

So, in order to earn money by playing quiz games , I would advise you not to use any other apps except some popular and trusted quiz apps.

If you use good quiz apps, you can definitely earn a good amount of money by playing quiz games.

What do you need to earn income by playing quiz?

If you are thinking of earning money by playing quiz on mobile , then you need some simple things. 


A smartphone where you will install Quiz Apps.

Internet connection

A good Quiz App

General Knowledge

If you have these few things, you can earn income by playing quiz games at home.

How to earn money by playing quiz?

You see, you can use two platforms to earn money by playing online quiz.

One is "Mobile Quiz Apps".

And another is "Quiz Game Websites".

You can earn money with the correct answer to the quiz using one or both of the best quiz apps or websites.

But in the end the question is, what are some of the best quiz game apps (Best Quiz Game Apps) and quiz websites (Quiz Websites) .

The best apps and websites to earn money online by playing quizzes

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

There are a lot of Trivia Quiz Apps in many countries including India which are really Famous and Popular.

However, there are some apps / websites that do not give you the money you win.

So, be it online money making games or other apps, use the apps after checking thoroughly and seeing the online user reviews and getting to know them completely.

. Qureka

Qureka is a new but good Quiz Trivia App where the number of users is increasing every day.

Although it has not been long since these apps were launched, the app has gained a lot of popularity very soon.

It's really a lot of popular apps.

It also works like every other quiz app where you can play quiz in 25 different categories.

There are 40 hour quiz competitions each day and you will be rewarded if you win.

In addition, there are live quizzes every day from 9 am to 9 pm in which you can earn money even if you win.

What quiz will you get - 

Daily live quiz shows (15+ shows daily)

Hourly quiz every hour across categories like GK, Sports etc.

Cricket quiz & exam prep quizzes

About 10 questions will be given in each live quiz and you will get 10 seconds to answer each question.

. Brainbaazi

Brainbaazi game has gained popularity as a great online quiz game through which money can be earned.

Here you have to participate in quiz competitions with thousands of players where you will be asked 11 questions.

Also, you will be given 10 seconds to answer each question.

If you answer a question incorrectly while playing the game, you will be expelled straight from the game.

However, if you have extra life, you can return to the game and stay in the game.

If you answer each question correctly, you will have a chance to win real cash.

. Quizistan 

If you have a lot of general knowledge, then of course you can earn money by playing quiz through this app.

This app is primarily designed for students who rely on their own knowledge to earn money online. 

Every hour in Quizistan there is an online live quiz every hour where you can join the quizzes as per your liking and get the opportunity to earn money every hour. 

In addition, by referring the app to your friends, you can earn some income in a different way. 

In the case of this app, users who participate in the quiz are paid according to their points and ranking. 

How to make money?

Download the app. 

Join the quiz at the right time.

Answer every question correctly and earn income.

. Winzo 

Winzo has gained popularity as a great application for earning money by playing quiz games.

This is one of the best and genuine apps as well as various reviews available online where you can withdraw your earned money in the account within 24 hours.

Here you have to answer 4 questions correctly, for each question there are 4 options from which you have to choose the correct answer.

If you answer each question correctly, you will have a chance to win real cash.

There is an option of daily leaderboard in the app where if you can get the top position, then 500 takas will be paid directly.

However, if you could not rank in the top position, then there is no question, because even if you are in the top 100 position, you will be given something or the other.


Our last word,

So friends, through today's article, we have come to know in full detail about earning income by playing quiz games on mobile at home.

Remember at the end, I have said about each of the above mentioned Quiz Apps in this article by looking at various online websites and online reviews.

So, you have to see for yourself how good or really paid apps are.

Because, I have not tried these kinds of apps myself.

Also, if you like our article today, be sure to share the article on social media.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.

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