How to do Android Phone Factory Reset

 It is very important to do a factory reset of the phone before selling the Android phone. Again, factory reset can be very useful if the phone does not work properly or if it becomes slow. Factory reset returns the phone's software to a brand new state.

Let us know the details about the rules of factory reset on any Android phone. You can find out in this post:

How to Factory Reset Android Phone

Things to do before resetting the phone

Rules for resetting stock Android phones

Samsung phone reset rules

How to reset Xiaomi phone

Realm phone reset rules

Rules for resetting the phone using recovery

Before resetting the phone

It is very important to take some important steps before factory reset of Android phone. You can take these as a lot of precaution.

Learn about Google Accounts

Find out in advance the username / email and password of the Google account logged in to your phone. This information is requested after the phone reset. If you can't login to the previously logged in account then you have to get in trouble.

By entering Accounts / Accounts & sync from the phone's settings , you can find out about the Google account logged in to your phone in Google option . If you do not know the password of the account, you can reset the password. Also, refrain from factory resetting the phone within 24 hours of resetting your Google Account password.


Note that if the purpose of the phone reset is to hand over the phone to someone else, then be sure to remove the other accounts, including the Google account on the phone.

Keep a data backup

Factory reset deletes all data on the phone. However, if you keep this data backed up in your Google account, then the apps and contacts in your phone are backed up. So before the factory reset, if necessary, keep a backup in your Google account.

Back up photos, videos or other useful documents / files in the phone memory to PC or cloud storage. You can upload photos and videos to Google Photos . And you can backup other files and documents in Google Drive . Besides, you can keep it on your computer!

Charge enough

Mobile factory reset takes quite some time. So before resetting the Android phone, make sure that the phone has at least 80% charge. Confirm the presence of WiFi or mobile network. You may need to login to your previous Google Account after resetting the phone.

Rules for resetting Android phone


Most stock Android powered smartphones, such as Google Pixel, Motorola or Nokia phones have almost the same factory reset rules. To factory reset these phones:

Enter the Settings app

Tap on System

Select Reset

Select Erase All Data (factory reset)

Tap on Erase All Data 

Provide phone PIN if requested

Then complete the factory reset by tapping Erase All Data / Delete all data.

Samsung phone reset rules

To reset Samsung phones with Android version 5.0 or below:

Enter the Settings app

Tap on General section and select Backup & Reset

Tap on Factory data reset

Tap on Reset Device

Tap Delete All

OneUI powered Samsung smartphones for factory reset:

Enter the Settings app

Tap on General Management

Select Reset

Then you will see three options called Reset Settings, Reset Network and Factory data reset

Select Factory data reset to do a factory reset

Then tap on Reset

You may be asked to login to your Samsung account before resetting the phone. So before resetting, you must know the password of Samsung account. And if you do not know the password of the Samsung account, reset the password

Xiaomi phone reset rules

All Xiaomi brand phones are powered by MIUI (except Android One). So the rules for resetting Xiaomi, Redmi, Mi and Poco brand phones are often the same. To reset Xiaomi phone:

Enter the phone's settings

 Enter About / About Phone

Select Factory Reset (or Backup & reset)

Select Reset all data

Tap on Factory Reset

Then reset the Xiaomi phone following the next instructions.

The reset rules may be slightly different on previous models of Xiaomi phones. To reset these phones:

Enter the phone's settings

Select General Settings

Tap on Backup & reset

Tap on Factory data reset

Complete the reset process by tapping on the reset phone and following the instructions displayed.

Realm phone reset rules

The rules for resetting realmy phones are a bit different. To reset realmy phone:

Enter the phone's settings app

Scroll down to Additional Settings

Select the Backup & reset menu

Then do a factory reset by tapping Erase all data as shown on the screen


Reset Android phone using Recovery


Suppose your phone is not working at all. In this case, it is not possible to reset the phone by entering the phone settings. In this case, it is possible to reset the Android phone using System Recovery. To Reset Android Phone Using Recovery:

Turn off the phone

Then press and hold Volume Down Button + Power Button together till the phone turns on

Saomi and Samsung phones to enter the recovery mode Volume Up Button + Power Button Use

Then complete the phone reset by selecting wipe data / factory reset

Note that the touchscreen of the phone does not work in recovery mode. Instead, you need to navigate using the volume up / down keys and select options using the power button.

Let us know briefly about the options displayed in recovery mode:

Wipe Data / factory reset: This option can be used to delete all apps, data and files on the phone.

Reboot to bootloader: This can be used to access the bootloader menu

Reboot / Reboot to System: This option can be used to turn on the phone normally

Power Off: This option can be used to turn off the phone.


Have you ever reset your Android phone? Let us know your experience in the comments section.

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