How to create a professional Youtube Channel 2022?

 How To Make YouTube Videos :  We all know how to make money from YouTube right now.

And through YouTube, thousands of people are earning millions of rupees every month sitting at home.

Apart from money, JK can easily make himself popular and famous through YouTube.

You too can create a lot of success and popularity by creating your own YouTube channel .

But remember,

To be a successful YouTuber, you must have some special skills and creativity.

Now creating a channel like before and uploading videos will not work.

At the moment,

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Making money online through YouTube has become a professional business and career.

And so, every day thousands of new channels are created and millions of new videos are uploaded for the purpose of success on YouTube.

In this way, we get thousands of videos on YouTube on any subject or topic.

And that's what creates a lot of competition between videos.

As a result, getting a subscriber and views on a new YouTube channel can be a daunting task.

But, if you are making videos in the right way and professionally, then there is no fear.

The better and better quality videos you can create, the sooner you will have a chance to succeed.

So all the time, you have to think about "how to make a great youtube video".


The key to success on YouTube is to create "quality videos".

So in today's article I will tell you, "How to make a YouTube video through a complete professional".

However, the process of making professional YouTube videos is a little different.

So, we have to work hard to understand the issues.

Let's not waste too much time knowing the rules of "How to make a great youtube video" below.

How to make youtube video properly?

How to make YouTube videos 

As I said above, at present, just making YouTube videos in a simple way will not work.

However, in a very correct way, you have to make a video keeping in mind some special issues.

So, people who watch your video think it is a complete professional video.

So let's go

Below we have found out the complete process and rules for making videos on YouTube.

How to make a YouTube video: (11 points)

If you are a new youtuber then try to understand each of the following topics with a lot of mind.

Because, if you created a new channel,

Then maybe you have a lot of trouble creating new YouTube videos.

You may have a lot of questions,

What to watch before making a video?

What does it take to make a YouTube video?

How to edit videos?

How to record video?

What topics should you consider before publishing?

You will find answers to many such questions today.

So let's take a closer look at the following points.

# Select a perfect video setup  

We need a good environment to make videos for YouTube first.

I mean, make sure you have a quiet working room.

For making videos, when you have a good place or room where no one will disturb you, you can make videos as you like and without any hesitation.

I can't make videos on my own without a good environment.

Because, when your working environment is good, you will be able to work without any hesitation.

And, if you work without hesitation, your videos will definitely get better.

So I would suggest,

Use a quiet and separate room, setup or place to make YouTube videos.

# Think about voice recording 

Each of us does not pay much attention to the sound quality in the video.

However, keep in mind that if the sound or voice quality in your video is worse, then 75% of viewers will get annoyed and leave without seeing your video.

And it is impossible to get subscribers through such a bad audio quality video.

So friends, when you make a video for youtube, you must use a good and high quality mic.

Do not neglect this issue.

Try to make sure that the audio quality in your video is very clear and there is no unnecessary noise in the background.

So, when making a video, use a mic that does not understand the background noise at all.

The key is the clarity and quality of the voice in any video.

# Choosing a good video topic

You have to find a topic that is best and people are interested in it.

Finding new topic ideas for videos can be a bit time consuming.

But, remember, find a topic for the video that people want to know about.

You can use various keyword research tools to find useful topics for videos.

In addition, using Google search suggestions you will find some popular topics for videos.

However, you can make any video based on your own experience and knowledge.

If you make an informative video on any subject, people will like it.

So, think about what you can create an informative video on any topic or topic.

# It is important to do research 

After deciding what to make a video on, you need to do research.

Remember, there are thousands of videos on YouTube these days.

And so, if you want everyone to see it, you need to do some research on the subject of video.

Through research, you will be able to know the various information related to the subject of the video.

And, when you have a lot of information about the video,

Then you can create an informative video.

So, after selecting the video topic, it is important to do a little research on the topic.

# Write video script 

The new YouTubers must have made this mistake.

And that's why your videos aren't doing well.

And the mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail .


When you think of making a video on a topic, you must make a video script beforehand.

Video script is the process of making sure in advance that "what you talk about in the video and when you say it".

The process of writing down the main points and content of your video on a piece of paper is called video scripting.

And, 55% of YouTubers don't know about this video scripting process.

If you have already created the script for the video, you can easily create the videos without any mistakes.

Because, this way you can create your own video content in advance.

And when you record a video, you know in advance what to say when.

# There is no benefit in being ashamed in front of the camera 

There are many YouTubers among us who get embarrassed in front of the camera.

As a result, your video is not well-crafted and your viewers will not enjoy watching the video.

So, it is important to be comfortable and confident while making videos and also keep a smile on your face.

If you have fear or shame, your video output will not be good.

As you can see on YouTube,

Thousands of views have been found in the videos that speak very clearly and confidently without any shame.

However, it would be a little embarrassing to make the first video for YouTube.

So as I said above, it is important to choose a place with a separate and quiet environment for making videos.

If there are people next to you, you will feel ashamed.

# Interact with audience

You have to talk in a very friendly way while making the video.

I mean, even if you're looking at the camera and talking, you have to think that the camera is the same person and that person you're talking to.

In this way, if you talk in a very friendly or friendly way, your viewers will enjoy watching the video. 

Because, when you talk in a very simple way with a smile on your face in a video, everyone will be interested in watching that video.

So always try to mix with your viewers or audience while recording the video.

# Make short video clips 

Never record a video when making a YouTube video.

When you absolutely record video, many mistakes can be made from time to time which are normal.

So, make short video clips by covering one topic at a time as your own video script.

This will allow you to create videos clearly and accurately.

Plus, you'll be getting rid of clutter you don't need.

Finally, you can convert your own short video clips into a single video.

In this case, you can use " shortcut free video editor ".

#  You have to think about video editing 

After making an accurate and informative video on a good topic, it is also important to edit it through a video editor software.

Using some of the necessary video effects in the video makes it more interesting.

Also, after recording the video, editing is necessary to cut some unnecessary parts of the video.


If you want, you can also do video editing on your mobile for free.

And if you want to edit your own videos on your own computer, then there are plenty of free video editor software.

# Don't talk nonsense in the video 

In order to make the video longer, many people say a lot of unnecessary things at the beginning of their video.

However, the people who watched the video got annoyed and left the video.

So, never make this mistake.

When recording your own video, just try to provide information related to the subject of the video.

As a result, viewers will spend a lot of time watching and liking your videos.

And remember, you don't have to subscribe to the video again and again.

If a viewer likes your video, he or she will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Talking about subscribing again and again is definitely annoying.

However, it is enough to say once at the end of the video.

#What does it take to make a YouTube video?

Many new YouTubers are worried about the question "What do we need to make a YouTube video?"

However, the answer to this question is straightforward.

You see, when you're new to YouTube, you don't have to worry about anything special.

The things you will need are:

Having a good camera allows you to create videos using your mobile phone.

A good mic must be used for clear sound.

If you are thinking of making a video by recording a computer screen , then a screen recorder will be needed.

You can create your own private room or setup where you can make videos privately.

Lastly, a good video editor software that you can use to edit your own videos.

Making a YouTube video will require these simple things mentioned above, most of which are free.

 Then friends, 

This way you can create high quality videos for your YouTube channel by focusing on some simple but important things.

How to make a youtube video, you must have got the answer to this question above.

However, in order to be successful on YouTube, you need to create videos in such a way that people can watch the videos.

If people are annoyed with your video, you need to be careful.

In that case, the subscribers and views on your channel will never increase.

If necessary, make only 5 to 10 videos a month, but they should be made in a completely accurate and informative way.

Only then will you have a chance to succeed on YouTube.


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