How to check Mobile Phone IMEI Number 2022

 This post has shown 3 easy ways to find out the IMEI (IMEI) number of any mobile. You can find out the IMEI (IMEI) number of your phone by following any one of the methods.

IMEI (IMEI) number is not known before finding out;

What is IMEI number?

IMEI (IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This IMEI is a numeric identity for each mobile device. And for this reason, each IMEI number is unique and different from one another.

 How to find the IMEI number on your Android phone | Android Central

What happens with IMEI number?

IMEI is the complete identity of a mobile device. Suppose your phone is lost, now you can track the phone using IMEI, using various Android and iOS apps.

Again, if you go to the police station to complain about your lost phone, they will ask for your IMEI number and will be able to track your phone with it.


Many fake mobile phones such as: Fake iPhones do not have IMEI (IMEI) numbers. Again many fake phones have bad or corrupted IMEI (IMEI) numbers. So you can take the help of IMEi.Info to know if your phone is genuine or IMEI number is valid  .

One thing to keep in mind is that a phone that does not have an IMEI or a corrupt IMEI, means that the phone is a fake. Be sure to check the IMEI before buying any phone.

Now websites like Apple or Xiaomi have the option to verify the IMEI of their device, so buy the original by verifying the IMEI before buying.

Follow the steps below to find out the IMEI number of any phone!

This post shows 3 steps to find out the IMEI (IMEI) number of the phone. If your phone is a feature phone then you can find out the IMEI (IMEI) number by following step-1.

And if your phone is a smartphone, then you can find out the IMEI (IMEI) number of your phone by following all the steps.


Step - 1 (Features and All Phones) First you go to the dialer of your mobile phone (the application with which the call is made).

Then type * # 06 # there. As soon as you type the number, a pop up window will open. In that pop up window you will see the IMEI (IMEI) number of your phone.

Step 2 (Smartphone)

First go to the settings app / option of your smartphone.

Then go to the " About phone " option.

After going to the " About phone " option, you will see the " Status " option, click there.

After clicking on the “ Status ” option you will be taken to a new interface, where you will see the “ IMEI Information ” option, by clicking there you will see the IMEI (IMEI) number of your phone.

Apple users can go to Settings> General> About and see the IMEI number. You will also find the IMEI number in your phone box and on the warranty card. However, no matter where you look, be sure to note down the number.

Note: If your smartphone is running MIUI, Color OS, ie manufacturer operating system other than Android operating system, then your options may be different, so you simply search the options in the search bar of your settings. alert-info Step-3 (Smartphone)

First install the IMEI (IMEI) checking app from Google Play Store.

Then simply open the app, and click on the option to check IMEI (IMEI).

Clicking on the IMEI (IMEI) check option will show your IMEI (IMEI) number.

By following the steps correctly you will be able to find out the IMEI number of your phone. Please comment to give any feedback about alert-success post. 


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