How to check Android Battery Health 2022?

 Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system with over 3 billion active devices. Needless to say. The low price, friendly user interface and open source Android devices are the main reason for their popularity. Despite the many convenient features, there is still no feature to view the default battery health in Android. But there is no reason to worry. You can easily check the battery health of Android phone using a free app.

Current lithium-ion batteries degrade quite rapidly as battery charging speeds increase. Because of the lack of built-in battery health feature, it is difficult to understand when it is necessary to change the battery of Android phone. Let's find out how to check the battery health of Android phone.

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Rules for checking battery health of Android phone

As I said a while ago, there is no built-in system to check the battery health of Android phones. So we need to take the help of a third party app. In this case, you need to download the Aquabattery app from the Google Play Store. If you have never downloaded an app from the Play Store, you should download the Aquabattery app

Log in to the Play Store app

Search by typing AccuBattery in the search bar

Select the AccuBattery app developed by Digibites

Install the app by tapping Install

After installing, open the AccuBattery app. Then swipe the intro pages displayed on the screen. Then the name and model of your Android phone will be shown and the battery will be calibrated. Next, you'll see the app's dashboard.

How the acubatry works

After installing the Accubator app, however, you will not know about the battery health of your phone. To know the battery health of Android phone, you have to charge several times after installing the app.

You need to complete the full charging cycle at least 10 to 20 times to get the right result from the Acubattery app. 100% full charge by each charging cycle. The longer the charging cycle, the more reliable the results obtained from the app.

The Accubattery app measures the phone's battery (mAh) and charging levels. This app determines the percentage of battery health by determining the amount of charge that can be stored in a battery. However, if the charging cycle is less, the result obtained may not be correct.

This value is determined based on the amount of charge and the estimated capacity of each battery cycle or charging session. The app determines the estimated capacity over time by constantly measuring the connected current.

Other features of the Accubator app

In addition to Battery Health, there are many more features in the Acupuncture app. For example: charging and discharging rate, device temperature can be determined by this app. You can also see what percentage of your phone's battery has been charged in the last session and how many milliamps per hour charged battery has been received.

The Accubattery app displays various important information like charging speed while charging the phone, amount of charging per hour, amount of charging when screen is on and off and current charging speed. The total design capacity and estimated battery capacity can also be seen in the app.


The app has a Discharging section where you can see how much battery each app is using through awesome visuals. The Average Battery Usage section also shows the estimated amount of total screen time on battery drain per hour, last 7 days charging session and full battery time while screen is on and off.

Rules for understanding the battery health of the phone

Find out if your phone's battery health is bad

Through the Accubattery app:

If you use the phone regularly for a few days after installing the Accubator app, the app will automatically inform you about the phone's battery health from the charge and discharge sessions. It is better if you give the app at least a week. Then open the Aquabattery app and go to the "Health" section to find out the battery health of your Android phone.


Except for the Aquabattery app

You will see extra battery drain on the phone. If an extra amount of battery charge is used without using the phone, without leaving any app in the background, then it is important to change the battery.

If the battery of the phone is in bad condition, you will see a lot of battery jump. The most common of these problems is a quick charge or sudden loss of the phone.

If your phone turns off and doesn't work without a charger, replace the phone's battery.

Android battery health check code

Battery health can be checked by dialing a specific code on some Android phones. However, this code may not work as most Android phones currently use custom ROM. To know the battery health of Android phone by dialing USSD code

Go to the phone dial or phone app and dial * # * # 4636 # * # *

After dialing you will see a page titled Testing

Select Battery Information from here

If your battery health is in good condition then Good will be displayed next to Battery Health on the displayed page

Rules to keep the battery of Android phone good

It is common for the battery to be degraded. All batteries lose capacity as they are used. No matter how you use your device, the battery will degrade over time. However, you can follow some simple tips to keep the battery of the phone good for a long time.

Refrain from charging the phone up to 100%

Please refrain from charging the phone by charging 0%

Charge the phone when the battery level is around 20-30%

Enough to charge the phone like 80-90%

It is always better to charge the phone for some time in between without reducing the charge

Avoid extra fast charging if possible

Always try to keep the phone in a slightly cooler environment, especially when charging

 If possible, avoid using the phone while charging

Try using the original charger and cable

If you do not have the original charger or cable, use a good quality third party charger and cable

If possible, you can also avoid charging the phone overnight

In the above way you can check the battery health of your Android phone. You can also keep the battery health of the phone good by following the ways to keep the battery health of the Android phone.


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