Grameenphone Free Facebook and Free Internet

Grameenphone has launched free "text-only Facebook" and "Discover" features in partnership with Facebook's parent company, Meta. Even if the mobile internet pack is over, communication with loved ones will continue for the benefit of this new facility. As a result of this new connection, Grameenphone will work to expand the digital communication system in Bangladesh by increasing connectivity, availability and people's desire for digital technology in the country.

For now , we have learned that Grameenphone has launched this free Facebook service. Contacting the customer care of other operators, no one could confirm the launch of any free Facebook related service till 5 pm today. We hope to update this post if we get such announcements from these operators.

GP supports 'Project Everyone' in BD | The Asian Age Online, Bangladesh

The new service includes free Facebook, free messenger, and free Discover. Discover is basically another service of Facebook through which many benefits of internet can be availed for free. 

Discover feature can be used through Android app or website. Using this Discover app or website, Grameenphone subscribers will be able to use any free 10 MB internet. When using free data, only text and icons will be visible in the Discover app, allowing 10MB of data to be used for a long time.

Grameenphone subscribers will also be able to enjoy the necessary resources, such as educational sites, educational information, job news, etc. through these products. Note: Data limit from Grameenphone Customer Care is 10 MB per day. However, we have seen this daily data limit of 15 MB in multiple newspapers.

What is Grameenphone's free text only Facebook?

Grameenphone has long been committed to delivering digital benefits to people of all walks of life in the country. Launched in a joint venture with Meta, the "Text Only Facebook" service will benefit a large number of Facebook users across the country.

From now on, all Grameenphone users will be able to use Facebook and Messenger for free, ie without any data balance. In this free Facebook and Messenger, no pictures or videos can be seen, but only text.

This free Facebook facility can be used after the data and pay as you go quota in the SIM is over. This feature of using free text only Facebook will be called Facebook AutoFlex. On the other hand, through the Discover app, various important websites can be used without pictures or videos. 

How to use free text only facebook autoflex?

Let's find out in detail about all the features and usage rules of Free Facebook Autoflex.

Facebook Autoflex is a free service that Grameenphone subscribers can use for free text-only Facebook and Messenger from the app or web browser.

Features like text, emoji, sticker, comment, like, profile picture upload can be used with Facebook Autoflex

This free Facebook feature can be used in Facebook Lite, Facebook mobile app and web browser. However, iOS-enabled devices, Windows Phone, BlackBerry devices will not support this feature in the Facebook app.

Messenger cannot be used for free until you first use Facebook Autoflex

The services of Discover App can be used only if the data balance of Grameenphone subscribers is zero . Also link can be accessed by entering

The Internet can be used without pictures and videos using Discover

10 MB of free text only data can be used every day. Again, a maximum of 150 MB of data per month can be used in the Discover app. After exceeding this limit, Grameenphone customers will have to purchase internet packs

Do you have to have money on mobile to use Facebook for free?

No. You do not need to have a Grameenphone mobile balance to use this Free Facebook offer. Regardless of the balance, you can run Facebook and Discover for free after the data purchased from your mobile is exhausted. See detailed post.

What is the Discover App? What do you do with it?

Discover app is an online service of Facebook or Meta. Through this, mobile phone subscribers can receive certain websites or internet services for free without buying any data. This Discover service is provided on a contractual basis with mobile operators. It can be enjoyed by visiting the app or website.

Grameenphone free internet features

Let's find out what Grameenphone's new text-only free Facebook, Free Messenger and Discover app will look like.

Free Text Only Facebook


After the data balance of Grameenphone Mobile is exhausted, the limit of Pay Edge You Go service is Tk. 6.085 (inclusive of all charges) up to a maximum of 5 MB. Can use. Also, for free, you can use only text and emoji on Facebook and Messenger (pictures and videos will not be seen).

In the case of free Facebook, only text can be seen. No pictures or videos of any kind can be seen on Free Facebook. However, all Facebook posts can be viewed without pictures or videos. You can also comment on all posts. There is also the benefit of free upload of profile pictures. 

There is a free like or react facility in the Facebook post. Besides, text can be commented on any post.

Free messenger

You need to turn on the free Facebook feature before you can use Free Messenger. In the case of free messenger, text can be seen and sent. In addition to text, stickers and emojis can be sent for free. No videos or pictures will be sent or viewed.

Free Discover App

The Discover app basically allows you to use multiple important websites for free. If you do not have data, you can enter site or you can enjoy this facility through Discover app . Daily 10 to 15 MB and monthly maximum 150 MB of data can be used for free through Discover. Once this limit is reached, customers will have to buy data. The Facebook Discover app was first released in 2020 .

In the past, Facebook and mobile operators have launched free Facebook and some important websites in Bangladesh . At that time this feature could be used in almost all operators. This feature will be available to all operators soon. However, for the time being Grameenphone subscribers will be able to enjoy this facility. Hopefully the facility will be rolled out to other operators as well.


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