Get Google Adsense Approval within 24 hours

The main target of those who blog is to earn from Google AdSense. Although many do not know how to approve the blog AdSense. So today in this post I will share some tips based on my experience which if you follow I hope your blog will be at least a little bit useful in approving AdSense.

So as I said, below I have shared some tips or my personal opinion. Following these, I got AdSense approval on my site. So I hope that if you follow these tips, you too will get AdSense approval on your blog.

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Regular post sharing 

Share regular posts on your site before your site approves AdSense. However, Google AdSense does not focus on regular post sharing. But if you can post regularly, your site will get a good amount of visitors. If you have good traffic to your site then you can earn a good amount after Google AdSense approval.

Unique posted

Share as many copy or plagiarism free posts as possible on your site. Google AdSense does not approve of sites with plagiarism. This is a very important issue. Publish your previous posts and new posts to the site by verifying that all the posts are plagiarism. 

Good niche select

Nowadays Google AdSense has become quite smart. I have seen many sites that have worked with news, working with some trending niches running but not giving approval to their site. I do not know the exact reason. So I would advise not to work with news related niche.

Everyone who works with SEO, technology, storytelling, this type of niche, is getting more or less site approval. So those who have not received approval for the current niche work with other niches. Next time with approval you will be able to back to the previous night.

Create the necessary pages

Many people say that if you want to get Google AdSense, you need to create certain pages on the site. I also made some pages on my site and applied for AdSense. In that case you can also create some pages in your blog and then apply to Google. The pages that you create should be in accordance with the language of your site post. This means that if you use English in your post, then use English in the page as well. And if the language of the post is Bengali, use Bangla language on the page also.

Make at least three pages on your blog before applying for AdSense. In one of the three, write about the blog (About us), in another, the means of communication (Contact us) and in the other, write the privacy policy (Privacy Policy). 

Professional design

Use a good theme on your site before applying to AdSense. Getting AdSense now depends on the design of your site. If the design of your site is random then your site may be rejected. 

Design your site cleanly and professionally so that visitors can understand what kind of post is shared on your site, what kind of post will open when clicked. Google AdSense also approves AdSense based on site design. Keep it clean and professional without scribbling, it will increase your chances of getting AdSense. 

You can leave any comments about the post in the comments. We take your feedback seriously.


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