AdSense account disabled for invalid traffic

It is said that from blog or website or youtube, there is no option to make money from these platforms without google adsense. Because CPC and CTR can't provide any other advertising platform like Google AdSense.

Google AdSense has gained worldwide popularity because of its good CPC. AdSense offers good CPCs and binds publishers to strict rules.

Anyone who goes beyond this rule is 100% sure that their Google AdSense account will be disabled. Today I will discuss why AdSense account is disabled. So keep reading the whole post carefully.

Reasons why AdSense account is disabled

Google AdSense - How To Make Money From Home

There are a number of reasons why Google AdSense accounts are disabled, but there are two main reasons why AdSense accounts are disabled.

Self Click

PTC Click

There are many more reasons besides these two. However, as I said, these two are the main reasons, so I will discuss these two issues first, then I will discuss the rest of the reasons.

What is Self Click? What is self click in English?

Self Click is to click on your own ad. If you want to increase your revenue by clicking on your blog, website or YouTube ads, then this will be the biggest reason for disabling your AdSense account.

This goes against Google AdSense policy. As a result of Self Click, AdSense account is approved and AdSense account is disabled. The Google AdSense policy clearly states that you should refrain from clicking on your own ads.

Whether it's a blog or a YouTube channel, you should never click on your own ad. If you click, your Google AdSense may be disabled as a result.

What is PTC Click? What is PTC Click in English?

The full form of PTC is Paid To Click. It's basically a rental click. Having trouble understanding? I'm explaining. There are some publishers or website owners who willingly bring people to the site in exchange for money and click on the ads on their site. In return, the site owner pays them. That means forcing them to click with money to click on the ad.

This is also outside the Google AdSense policy. It counts as Google AdSense as invalid click. When this happens regularly, Google AdSense disables their account. However, before disabling, it is acknowledged several times as a warning. If this illegal act is done again after the end of the Admit, the AdSense account will be disabled forever.

I hope you understand these two things well. Never do these two things. Thinking you are smarter than Google is nothing but nonsense. 

There are more reasons than these two. Those reasons I have highlighted in the form of points below. Please read each point carefully because doing these things will take away AdSense from your site or youtube forever so you will not be able to earn any money using AdSense.

Other reasons why Google AdSense is disabled

Clicking on your own ads on Website / Blog / YouTube.

Ask someone to pay you or someone you know to click on ads.

Adult (18+) content sharing on the site. Tex / video / picture anyway.

Sharing copy content on the site or copying other people's content and sharing it on your own site.

Sharing content in languages ​​that do not support Google AdSense.

Doing black SEO on your site / blog.

Using Auto Visitor.

Using more than one AdSense account.

If you follow these rules, hopefully you can protect your Google AdSense account from being disabled.

Last  word : in a word, you will not try to earn money in your AdSense account. Only then will you be able to secure your account, otherwise it will be the other way around. If you have any comments about the post, please let us know in the comments. I will reply to your comments.



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