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 Get  income from work up job : Assalamu Alaikum Orahmatullah. Microjob is one of the most lucrative online activities. There are many sites for doing microjob related work. In today's article we will discuss such a microjob site called  Work up job . You will find many sites to earn money online, but after working on many sites, many people fall victim to fraud. Due to the availability of internet, a lot of such fake websites have been created nowadays. Today, through this article, I have highlighted a reliable site, from which you can earn money by microjob. These tasks are very simple and anyone without any experience can do this type of work. Moreover, you can earn money by doing these things through any Android mobile or other device. So let's get started.

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Up job for Work  ( work-up job)

The name of this site is Work Up Job. Click here for registration on this site.  It is one of the major microjob platforms. The word microjob means small work. On this site you can earn money by completing various small tasks. Here you will be paid a certain amount of money for each job. If it is approved after submitting the work, money will be added to your account. Now the question is how to open an account on the site, what kind of work is there, how to work and how to get the money earned. Read the whole article carefully to know all this.

How to make an account on the site:

In order to create an account on this site, you must first complete the registration. Click here to register.  After clicking and waiting, you will see a form. In this form, enter your username, email, password and code in a small picture in the box provided and click on submit button. Diameter, your account is gone. Now click on the Log in button and log in with your account email and password.

What you must do after creating an account:

After logging in to your account, you must verify your account and arrange the profile well.

Verify Account   : To verify the account , go to the three dot menu on the left and go to the Verify Account option. Then you need to verify your account with all the information of your national ID or driving license or birth certificate. One thing to keep in mind is that if you do not verify your account, you will not be able to withdraw money from this site. So after opening the account, don't forget to verify it.

Sort profile with correct information  : To  sort profile, go to your profile and click on “Edit profile” button. Then instead of writing a profile pic, your mobile number and bio, you can write about the work that you can do well. If you think you can do article writing well, then you will write a couple of lines about article writing here. After saving, the profile will be updated. Now it's time to start working on the site. Then we will know how to work on this site.

The type of work you will find on the work up job site:

The kind of work you can do to earn money through this site is the microjob task. With the correct answer to the quiz question.

Microjob jobs:

This is the main source of income for this site. These tasks are-

Subscribe to YouTube channel.

YouTube video view.

Different site referrals.

Install the app.

New Gmail sales.

After you log in to the account, go to the home page or  "find job"  option and you will find the titles of these jobs.

Work up job site  work method:

If you click on the job that you will do on this site, you will know the detailed information about the job. Then you have to take a screenshot as proof. After completing the work, come back to the site and give some description of the work you have done in the box below the description of that work. Below that you will see a box for submitting screenshots. Upload your screenshot in that box and submit the work. If your work is approved then your money will be added to the account. You can do as many things as you want with the same rules on this site.

Withdrawal money from work up job site

You can take the money earned through Work Up Job site through bKash, cash, bitcoin, payer or any other international payment gateway. With a balance of Rs 200 you can withdraw your earned money through bKash and cash and with a balance of 3 you can withdraw your earned money through international payment system.


So why not delay, you can start today with the Android mobile phone or laptop in your hand, online income from the microjob site   Work Up Job  . Get  started with an account on the Work Up Job site as soon as possible. I hope you have benefited from reading this post.

I'm finishing here today. If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about this post, please share them with us.

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