What to do if you forget your Facebook password in 2021

 Social media sites have become the main target of hackers. So internet security should not be taken lightly at all. Changing your password regularly is a good way to keep your data safe and secure from hacking. In particular, Facebook passwords should be changed regularly.

Facebook passwords can be easily changed from both computer and mobile devices. Facebook's password can be changed in a short time by using the browser from the computer and using the Facebook app on the mobile.

Nie tylko Facebook - oto firmy i technologie należące do Marka Zuckerberga

Let's find out the rules for changing or changing the Facebook password.

Rules for changing Facebook password from computer

By entering the Facebook website from the computer through the browser, the password of Facebook can be changed quite easily. To change the password of Facebook on the computer:

Access Facebook from any web browser

If you have not already logged in to your Facebook account, log in

Click on the drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen

Then click on Settings & Privacy, then click on Settings


Then click on Security & Login from the menu on the left side of the screen


Click on Edit next to Change Password in the Login section


Provide your current Facebook password. Enter the new password in the next cell and type to confirm again. Click the Save Changes button to confirm the new password.

Rules for changing Facebook password from mobile

Facebook's password can be changed in a few steps from the Facebook mobile app. To change Facebook password on mobile:

Access the Facebook app from an iPhone or Android smartphone

Then tap on the hamburger menu and scroll down

Tap on Security & Privacy, tap on Settings


If you tap on Password & Security option, you will come to Security option

Click Change Password to change the password


Enter your current Facebook password, enter a new password and confirm again

Then tap Update Password to confirm the change of password.

What to do if you forget your Facebook password

The current Facebook password is required in the process of changing the Facebook password. This means that if you forget the current Facebook password, you will not be able to set a new Facebook password in this way. In that case you have to reset the Facebook password first.

Resetting Facebook passwords is as easy as changing Facebook passwords . If you forget the Facebook password, you can see our related post to know the rules for resetting What to do if you forget the Facebook password .

Ways to strengthen Facebook passwords

The key to accessing a Facebook account is the password for the Facebook account. So it is very important to choose a strong Facebook password. Let's find out how to use a strong Facebook password.

Even if you have to remember your Facebook password, it should be such that others can't easily figure it out. Try using a different password for each of your accounts. That means your bank, email and Facebook passwords should be different. Because, if someone finds out the password of one account, the security of every other account is lost.


The longer the password, the harder it will be for others to guess the password. So you can use long passwords that you will remember for extra security. Also refrain from using your email, phone number, date of birth, pet name, or nickname as Facebook password.

Giving a new Facebook password shows how strong your password is. If you find that your password is not strong enough, try to create a strong password by combining lowercase letters, numbers, etc. Using multiple words or phrases, you can use passwords that are long but convenient to remember.

How do I know the current Facebook password?

It is not possible to see the Facebook password directly in Facebook. There is no such feature on Facebook. However, if the Facebook password is saved in Chrome or any other password manager, it is possible to see. Otherwise there is no other way but to reset the password.

How do I reset Facebook password without phone number or email?

There is no way to reset the password of a Facebook account without the phone number or email already connected to the account. However, if you have added a trusted contact to your account, you can get the account back.

You can see our related post to know about Facebook Trusted Contacts. To avoid hacking, Facebook has introduced a new security feature "Trusted Contacts" .


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