What is a website? Why do you need a website?

The internet has become a daily word in our lives. And one of the main components of this internet is various websites. But not many people know what a website is. Websites are an integral part of the Internet.

If you are a business owner, you must have a website for your business. Let's find out what a website is and why you might need a website.

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What is a website?

It is also important to know what a website is and how it works before knowing the requirements of a website. Let's take a brief look at the website and its activities.

A website is a collection of linked web pages, all under the same domain name . Any person, organization, or organization can create a website for their various needs. This website is then stored on a server called hosting . Our Banglatech24.com and a website.

The World Wide Web is made up of all the websites on the Internet. Many people also call the website "web page". But this is completely wrong. A web page is just one page, on the other hand a website is a collection of many such pages.

How the website works

Understanding the website's activities is not a difficult task. Website files are stored on a physical hosting server. All the files starting from the code of the website are stored on the hosting server.

Each website has an IP address so that the website can be easily accessed. Since this IP address is made up of multiple number combinations, it is difficult to remember. The domain name acts as a gateway to the website to facilitate this process.

When a user enters a website's domain in a browser, the browser receives the website's layout, files, etc. from the website's hosting server and displays them on the user's device.

Why you need a website

If you have a business of your own, then you must have a website. And having an official website of any organization has become a common thing nowadays.

I know what a website is. Let's find out why you need to have a website.

Digital business card

Many people now spend most of their time browsing the Internet. As a business representative your focus should be on where people spend their time. The website provides an opportunity for everyone to know about your organization quite easily.

Is a website just a collection of virtual pages? No. It works like a digital business card for an organization or an individual. By providing any kind of information on your website including contact information, employee information, services provided, offers, etc., you can easily present yourself or your organization to the whole world.

Search engine presence

People don't just browse the internet to find the business of their choice. People use search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. to find the content they need. 93 percent of online activity starts through search. Again, about half of the searches are related to local businesses only.

So, it is very important to have a website that is search engine optimized and ranks in search engine results. This will make it easier for consumers to find and engage with your business.

Assistance in product sales

Most people go to the internet at least once to know the details of a product before buying it. 4 out of every 5 consumers use search engines for local information.

Don't be fooled into thinking these searches are ordinary searches. Because 8% of local business related searches on mobile devices turn into cells within 24 hours. If there is a website that mentions your business services or products, then consumers will easily find your product or service.

Establishing credibility

Websites make a huge contribution to how serious you are about your business or service. First impressions are very important to make a consumer interested in buying a product. 56 percent of people try to stay away from businesses that do not have good websites.


A professional design is a quality website that is very easy to use, it is important for all businesses to have such a website. Consumers feel more comfortable believing in businesses that have websites. Does a website really represent a business, organization or person? We have to pay attention to that too.

Google search

If you run a local business, the people around your business location will be your main consumers. Google search makes this task easier. If your site does not rank in the most searched keywords related to your business, there is no reason to worry.

When a consumer searches for a specific product or business on Google, the businesses around them are first suggested in Google search depending on the location of that consumer. As a result, you can easily grow as a local business through your own website in Google search.

24x7 open

Even if your business is closed at certain times of the day, your website is open 24 hours a day. As a result, your website can fulfill this responsibility when you are not there to talk to customers. As a result, when someone is interested in learning about your business, your website provides all the information you need, even if you are not around to respond. The website can also be used as a means of communicating with customers or taking orders.


At present it is mandatory for almost all types of organizations to have a website. Only 36 percent of small businesses do not have their own website. That means even if you don't have a website, most likely your competitor has a website. This means that even with the same business, online consumers do not have the opportunity to find you, while your competitors are enjoying the benefits. So to survive in the competition, it is important to have a website.

Online store

Ecommerce is currently the most popular hot topic. No matter what type of product you sell, there are opportunities to purchase your product online. By taking orders online, customers can connect with you at home and your business is improving.

Also, if you are the head of any kind of service, then the website can come in handy. Most people prefer websites when it comes to booking or hiring. So it is important for both individuals and organizations to have a website.

Does the website enhance the brand image?

Of course! The first thing a person will know about your business is to search the internet. Now if you have a website to answer the search in this case, then the matter becomes easier for both you and the consumer. 

Even if your business is included in services like Facebook or Google My Business, having a website reveals the professionalism of your business. So that consumers can easily know the details about your business.



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