What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing? How to make money through it?

 Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the main sources of income from websites or blogs. After the affiliate link of the product on Amazon is advertised on the website or on social media, commission is available for the product purchased using that link. Let's find out in detail about the rules of making money by Amazon affiliate marketing.

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You can find out from this post:

1.    What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

2.    How does this program work?

3.    Terms of joining the Amazon Affiliate Program

4.    How to become an Amazon Affiliate

5.    Rules for creating affiliate links

6.    The rules of income through Amazon affiliate marketing

What is the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program or Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program. Website and blog owners can easily become Amazon Associates.

When someone purchases a product using the Amazon affiliate link during a website visit, the owner of the website i.e. the associate receives a commission. This means that the process of earning commission from promoting and selling Amazon products through your blog, social media or website is called Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Works

The Amazon affiliate marketing program works in a few simple steps. In the case of the Amazon Affiliate Program:

Marketers (who want to make money through affiliates) first create an Amazon Affiliate Account

Each website owner is given a unique associate ID

Affiliate links can be created from the Amazon Portal if the Associate Application is approved.

Associates then add an Amazon product affiliate link to their website.

Whenever a buyer purchases an Amazon product using an affiliate link, he or she receives an associate commission.

Terms of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Whether it's earning money from your hobby website or a way to make extra money for your brand, Amazon Affiliate Marketing can come in handy. However, there are some rules given by Amazon that you can only become an Amazon Associate.

Most of the terms offered by Amazon are for the purpose of ethical promotion. One of the conditions of the Amazon Affiliate Program is:

You need to make sure that the recommendations from your website can be sold

No false claims or deceptions can be made in the case of promoting any product

Since the price of the product fluctuates, refrain from mentioning the price of the product

However, in the case of certain specific, such as: offer or discount post, the price can be mentioned

Using Amazon affiliate links via ebooks or emails is prohibited

Refrain from using any link shortener / cloaker other than Amazon for affiliate links

Click here to learn more about the Amazon Affiliate Program policy .

Rules for becoming an Amazon Affiliate Partner

You need to qualify to be an Amazon Affiliate before you can earn money from Amazon Affiliate Links. Let's find out how to become an Amazon affiliate.

Creating a website or blog

Since adding affiliate links to Amazon products to a website or blog post is one of the main conditions for becoming an Amazon associate, you need to create a website or blog first. You need an active website, blog, app or YouTube channel to be an Amazon affiliate .

It is very important to have quality content on the website so that the website becomes a trusted medium for both Amazon and users. Since you need to know the purpose of the website in order to apply to be an Amazon affiliate, it is better if the website is made up of certain topics.

Create an Amazon Associates account

An Amazon Associates account is required to apply for an Amazon Affiliate. To create an Amazon Associates account, go to the Amazon Associates homepage and click Sign Up. Then if you have an Amazon account, login using it or if you don't, create a new account.

Complete Amazon Associate Account Information for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Provide the legal name, address and phone number of the person in whose name the money earned from the affiliate will be deposited. Then provide a link to the website, blog, app or YouTube channel.

Then provide your store ID. You can use your website's name as a store ID. Then describe the goals and objectives of your website. Also, select the Amazon topics for the types of products you want to create affiliate links for.

Confirming the source of website traffic

Then highlight the source of your website's traffic. Provide information on how you make money from your website or app, how you create links, and the number of monthly visitors to your website, etc.

Select Amazon Affiliate Marketing Payment Method

Provide credit card information as payment method. You can provide tax ID information with or after it. Then go to your dashboard

Creating Amazon Affiliate Marketing Links

After creating the account, you will see your personal associate homepage. Here you will see information like performance dashboard, your revenue overview, total clicks, etc. From here you can find products to create affiliate links.

The Amazon Associates account has been opened. Now let's know how to create affiliate link of Amazon product.

Rules for creating affiliate links

To create an Amazon affiliate link:

1.    Login to your Amazon Associates account

2.    Click on Product Linking in the top banner and click on Product Links

3.    Then enter the ASIN code of the product you want to create the affiliate link of, you will find this code in the Product Details section.

4.    Press the Go button and then the Get Link button

You can also create affiliate links directly from the product page using Amazon Associates SiteStrip.

The rules of income through Amazon affiliate marketing

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is not a difficult task. The main task is to generate sales from the Amazon affiliate link on the website.

Let's find out how to make money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website Niche Bachai

If your website has content on three different topics like Beauty Products, Novel Writing and Baby Care at the same time, you need to get a lot of speed to generate sales even if you are an Amazon affiliate. As we ask our expert friend before buying any product, it is better to build a website based on only a few things.

If there is a specific theme of the content of the website, i.e. the niche, then the visitors of the website get confidence in buying the products that contain the content. So the niche of the website is very important in terms of income from affiliate marketing.

Product reviews and comparison posts

Before buying any product, we almost all read the review posts on various websites on the internet. This is why the chances of generating affiliate sales from product review posts are high.

In the case of product reviews, comparative posts of two similar products can also be useful for affiliate sales. In this case, no matter which product the visitor chooses, there is an opportunity to generate sales from both products.

Direct promotion

It is possible to earn money only from the affiliate of the product mentioned in the blog post, but not that. You can make your website a storefront if you want. This means that the product will be listed on your website, but in case of purchase, buyers will buy from Amazon's website.

In this case your website treats itself as an online shop and the products are arranged like a normal online shop. If a user decides to buy, he or she will enter the Amazon link.

Social media promotion

How powerful social media is, I hope you don't have to tell anyone anew. Try to run the promotion of your website on your social media. As a result, as the number of website visitors increases, the number of buyers buying products using affiliate links will increase.

Also emphasize SEO or search engine optimization. If your website or blog content is on the first page of Google search, then your website will get a lot of traffic from Google search.

Common questions about Amazon Associates

How are Amazon Associates paid?

Payment is made by direct deposit to Amazon Associates. This means that you will automatically get your earned money in the bank account. There is also the opportunity to receive checks via Amazon Gift Card or Mail.

When are Amazon affiliates paid?

Amazon affiliates are paid every month. However, two months after the end of each month, Amazon pays for that month. That means you will get the money earned in January in March

When is the commission added as Amazon Associates?

An associate receives his commission only when the process of shipping to an order customer is completed.

Do you make money from the Amazon Affiliate Program? Let us know your experience in the comments!


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