Ways to empty the storage of Android phone

The problem of full storage of Android phones happens to almost everyone. Especially if you have an Android phone with less than 128 GB storage, you

The problem of full storage of Android phones happens to almost everyone. Especially if you have an Android phone with less than 128 GB storage, you have to suffer a lot with the space of the phone. Apps and high graphics games are currently the reason why storage is rapidly filling up.

Most of the phones have less storage space and the normal performance of the phone becomes relatively slow. Also, no one likes annoying notifications like "Internal Storage Running Out" on Android. Let's find out how to empty the storage of Android phone.  

How to free up storage space on your Android phone? - PhoneArena

"Free up space" tool

Every Android phone has a way to empty the phone's storage by deleting unnecessary files. Using this feature called "Free Up Space", the storage of Android phone can be emptied quite easily.

To use the "Free Up Space" feature, first enter the phone's settings app. On most phones you will see the "Storage" option when you enter the settings app and scroll down, enter it. However, in Shaomi's phones, you have to enter About Phone and then Storage.

Then tap the Free Up / Free Up Storage text to empty the storage and follow the next instructions. You can also free up more space using the Storage menu. Apps and games occupy most of the space of the phone.

Tap on Apps after entering Storage to know how much storage is occupied by any app and game of the phone. Then you will see the information of how much the app is using the storage of the phone.

Uninstall unused app

Apps that are not used regularly, it is better to delete them from the phone. Because of the high speed internet, any app or game can now be downloaded quickly, so you can uninstall the apps that are used occasionally to save storage.

Enter the Play Store

Tap on the Personal icon on the top right

Tap on “Manage apps & device”

Tap on the Manage tab

Tap on Recently Update next to Writing Apps and select Least Used

Then you will see a list of less used apps, uninstall the apps that are unnecessary

You can also delete multiple apps at the same time by marking the check box next to the app.

App cache data clear

Different files are used when running phone apps. Some files are useless after some time. However, as long as the app has been used after downloading, some new data is stored in the app every day.

Suppose you enter Messenger or WhatsApp without internet connection but you can see your messages. This is because the chat data is saved in the phone's storage when you chat. And this data or cache takes up a lot of storage space of the phone.

Although the data of the app on the phone is useful in some cases, the apps can run without cache. So if you want, some storage can be emptied by clearing the cache of the app. To clear the app's cache, first enter the Settings app.

Then enter the Apps section. On some phones you will find the list of apps in this section. In case of Xiaomi phone, tap on Manage Apps and enter the app screen. Then you will see the list of each app. 

How much space the app has occupied when tapping on the app, how much space the app's data and cache has occupied; You will know that. Then you will see Force Stop / Uninstall / Clear Data / Clear Cache options.

Tap Clear Data to clear app data. Tap Clear Cache to clear the app's cache. You will see the option to clear the cache of some phones after tapping on the Clear Data option.

Note that clearing the cache does not change the app on the phone. But if you clear the data, all the data of the app will be reset, which will show as it is when you install a lot of new apps. In this case you have to login to that app again. So among the options, select the one that works best for you.

Submitting pictures online

Due to the availability of internet, storing files in cloud storage has become a common thing. By storing photos and videos in the cloud storage, it is possible to keep the storage of the phone a lot empty. There are multiple ways to submit files online for free . One of them is Google Drive .

There is also a separate app called Google Photos to keep only photos and videos. Let's find out how to submit photos online using the Google Photos app. Images stored in Google Photos are stored in the Google account . This app may already be installed on your phone. You can also download Google Photos from the Play Store . To submit photos to Google Photos:

Enter the Photos app

Click on the Personal icon at the top right

Tap Photos Settings

Tap on Back up & Sync

Turn on the switch next to Back up & Sync

Keep track of how empty and full your Google Account's storage is. You can also select the quality of the backed up photo using mobile data. If you have multiple Google Accounts on your phone, make sure you have an account backing up your photos.


Once the backup is complete, you can delete the backed up photos and videos from the phone. In the meantime, you may get a notice to empty the storage free in the Photos app home. If you do not see any such notice, then delete the backed up image

Enter the Photos app

Click on the Personal icon at the top right

Tap Photos Settings

Tap on Free up device storage

You will see an account of how much storage will be empty and how many pictures can be deleted

Tap on Free Up to complete the process of deleting the backed up image.

Using SD card

Currently most phones have SD card or memory card slots. The SD card slot is an essential feature especially in budget phones as it has less internal storage. If you can't empty your phone's storage in any of the ways mentioned above, you can use an SD card or memory card.

SD cards or memory cards are available in almost any budget range in the market. However, before buying an SD card, you must confirm the warranty. Also be sure to choose a good brand of SD card. When the writing and reading speed of the SD card is slow, the phone often becomes slow.

Move photos, videos, songs, etc. from the phone's storage to the SD card to empty the Android phone's storage. Many phones also have the feature to move the app to the SD card, you can use this feature to empty the phone's storage.

If you can't empty the storage of your phone by following any of the methods mentioned above, then you can decide to buy a new phone. In that case, you can see the following posts of Banglatech about buying a smartphone:

What do you do when your phone's storage is full? How do you arrange storage? Share your strategies with everyone in the comments!



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