The best website to earn money by watching ads

 PTC means that paid-to-click PTC websites will pay you cash or dollars in exchange for seeing specific ads on their website. On the PTC site, advertisers advertise to promote various products or increase the number of visitors to the website. And you can earn money from PTC site by seeing certain ads regularly.

Working on a PTC site for online income is undoubtedly the easiest thing to do inside freelancing or online work that you can do at home without investing any money.

10 Highest Paying PTC Sites in India (2021)

That's why working on a PTC site is one of the easiest and most popular in the freelancing world. To work on the PTC site, you just need to open an account on the specific PTC site or sign up. Then keep looking at the ads every day and earn as much as you want online.

Which PTC sites should work?

Please read this article carefully before working on any PTC site:

There are thousands of PTC sites on the internet so those who are new will hesitate to go and think about which PTC site to work on. Before you start working on any PTC site, know well and then start. Because as many PTC sites as there are, their maximum is fake or they don't pay their users properly. So if you want to work on PTC site, you will only work on 10 sites given below.

What are the benefits of working on PTC site?

The main features and benefits of working on a PTC site are:

-User friendly

- Work can be done by registering for free

-Anyone around the world can work by registering

- You can work from home

-You can work on your own time

- You can go anywhere and work

-No technical skills required

-No investment required

- No need to learn anything

- Multiple PTC sites can work together

-Unlimited online income or income can be made

How do PTC sites work?

PTC sites act as intermediaries between advertisers and members. Online advertisers who need traffic to their blog or website to promote their products or services. So by paying cash through PTC site they take traffic or visitors to their blog or website.

You can earn from 00 0.001 to $ 0.01 (depending on the subscription) per click. Although this income is small in the initial stage, but if you start working together on all the sites below, then the income from all the sites will be a good amount of income at the end of the month.

You can also increase referrals through your friends or acquaintances. As much as your referral will work, you will get a part of it for the rest of your life. You can also increase your income by surveying the PTC site or doing small things.

How to register and make money?

Remember, just work on the following 10 tested PTC sites to earn money online from home. Because these sites make regular payments to their users.

To work on each PTC site, go to that site from the link given below and register or sign-up. After registering or signing up, you will see the details of your daily income in the designated dashboard of the site.

Depending on the site, you may need to view each ad for 5 to 30 seconds. In the new state you can see 10 to 30 ads per day and it will continue to grow over time. So even if the income is less in the first stage, the income will continue to increase for regular work.

Also, if you use Adblock on your PC's web browser, you won't see ads. So check the browser settings or extensions and if there is an adblock, disable it.

Ways to raise money?

If you can't raise the dollars you earn by working all month, then surely you will not work. PTC sites usually pay through PayPal, payeer, Payza payoneer, so you have to make an account in the payment systems one by one from this link. If you have a certain amount of money in your PayPal, payeer, Payza payoneer account, you can transfer it to your local bank account.

What are the requirements to earn by working on PTC site?

-A personal computer or laptop with internet connection

-An email account

-An online payment processor account (PayPal or Payza)

-A bank account

Terms of subscription to PTC site:

Each PTC site has its own conditions for working and violating any of these conditions may result in your account being banned and you may be banned from that site.

(1) One account per computer and IP (your account will be banned if you have duplicate / multiple accounts)

(2) Direct internet connection only (no proxy, VPN, VPS connection allowed)

Note below, join e now to earn from the top 10 PTC sites.

1. NEOBUX - Newbox

NeoBux is called the King of PTC sites. If you work regularly and are active on the Newbox site then you can earn maximum amount from here.

NeoBux has been ranked No. 1 in the world for PTC sites for the last 10 years and one of the reasons is that NeoBux has been paying more to its users than other PTC sites. And compared to other sites, NeoBux has been at the top of the Alessa rankings for several years. If you want, you can earn thousands of dollars a month from NeoBux in a few months.

2. CLIXSENSE - Clicksense

ClixSense is one of the most trusted PTC sites on the Internet. You can make money from CLixSense by doing more than just seeing ads. If you work hard, you can earn Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month from this one website.

3. FAMILYCLIX - Family Click

FamilyClix is ​​a fast-growing PTC site with an estimated 4 million members, and as a newcomer they have paid more than 50 650,000 to their users.

There are multiple ways to monetize FamilyClix with up to 2 0.02 from your clicks and your referral clicks. You can get up to $ 10 per referral upgrade.

4. SCARLET CLICK - Scarlet-click

Scarlett-Click is one of the PTC sites that pays more per click, which pays up to 0.0 0.01 per ad. You can increase your revenue by promoting Scarlet Clicks in your circle of friends via WhatsApp or Facebook.


Almost all features of GPTPlanet are similar to Scarlett-Click. If you don't get someone as a referral, you can buy a referral for rent.

The minimum cashout here is 1. In addition to seeing ads, you can do many other simple things and earn money by completing offers.

7) OJOOO - Ojo

In addition to completing offers from various sites, you can also earn money by playing online games and viewing ads. There are also ways to earn money by winning referrals, quizzes and lucky numbers on ojooo.

6) CLIXBLUE - ClickBlue

Although Click Blue is not as old as Newbox and Klixsen, it is rapidly taking the place of other PTC sites because people can earn the most online from Click Blue.


If you work regularly, you can earn a good amount of money every month from ayuwage site. The ayuwage site offers surveys and small jobs in addition to ad clicks that you can earn more by completing them.


This is a high rated PTC site where you can get 0.03 per click. Besides, there is an opportunity to earn from referrals.


Innocurrent is another PTC site that offers regular payments to its members. With this site you can earn money by clicking ads and promoting referrals. However, if you want to earn money from ptc site, you must not do the following 2 things properly, otherwise you will remain in the dream of earning dollars.

1) Sign up for each site from the link given above because if you do not have to work on a large number of sites every day, if you work on the site at 1/2 the cost of tea per month will not rise.

2) Every day must work on all sites with time.

You will also find hundreds of other PTC sites but these PTC sites are among those who regularly pay their members. So if you want to build a career in freelancing, you can start working on the PTC site today and earn dollars.


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