New Marketplace for Freelancers: LinkedIn Services

 The coronavirus epidemic has increased the demand for online income platforms and freelance work. Many people are working in these marketplaces upwork and fiber to earn money online. LinkedIn brings good news for those who want to work online. This time, LinkedIn has launched a freelancing service marketplace on its platform for freelancers.

LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, is a social networking platform for professionals. LinkedIn is a great way to add a new dimension to your career. Most people use LinkedIn to maintain a professional online profile. 

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The LinkedIn Service Marketplace will now compete with the top freelancing platforms like Fiber and Upwork . LinkedIn authorities are working to bring all the features that a modern freelance marketplace is supposed to have to this new marketplace.

LinkedIn has already added a number of new features to the service market that are not available in Upwork or Fiber. Those features are:

New search filters to find remote, hybrid or on-site jobs.

You can show what kind of job you want to do (remote, hybrid or on-site) in your "Open To Work" indicator.

You can see if a coronavirus vaccine is needed to work for a company (if the employer provides that information).

LinkedIn's Service Marketplace was launched experimentally in February. Then they tested it for a long time in America, so that 2 million users took part.

From now on, LinkedIn's freelance marketplace is open to everyone worldwide. 

To set up a freelancer profile on the platform, follow the steps below:

Go to your own LinkedIn profile page

Click the Work button above

Click on Services Marketplace

Then flag what you are interested in doing

Or visit link directly from there and ask “Are you a provider?” Click the "Get Started" button at the bottom of the section. You will be able to set up a service profile as a freelancer from the next menu. 

This way freelancers will add their services to LinkedIn. It's a lot like a fiber gig . Just as freelancers keep their own gig lists on Fiber, users will also showcase their skills and services on LinkedIn.

Clients will be able to find freelancers through LinkedIn drop-down search. For example, suppose you are looking for a brand marketer expert. When you start typing that sentence in the LinkedIn search window, LinkedIn will suggest an auto-complete, "In service marketplace", which will take you to a list of candidates in that category.


The client can then contact the freelancers by looking at the details of the various freelancers and their services. And then they will decide on payment and other issues through discussion.

In addition, a client can post a freelance job from the "Get proposals from trusted providers" section by visiting the link These are known as projects. When a client's project is posted, LinkedIn itself will show various freelancer suggestions.

However, at the moment there is no public job post feature like Upwork or other freelance markets on LinkedIn service platform. In addition, LinkedIn's Service Marketplace is not currently charging a fee.

LinkedIn sells premium subscriptions to employers to gather more information about potential job candidates, advertise jobs and help job seekers find work. The popularity of this service of LinkedIn is increasing day by day. According to a report by LinkedIn, the confirmed recruitment rate through LinkedIn has increased by 160% compared to last year. At the same time, advertising revenue has increased by 61% overall.

But in doing so, LinkedIn has changed a large part of the job market. The last decade has seen many people prefer short-term freelance to full-time and long-term employment. 

LinkedIn's Service Marketplace currently offers 250 categories of services. They have plans to increase it to 500 in the future.


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